The whole world and all of the places aren’t secure enough. Not even our houses are much secure now. We have to take care of our security on our own. What should we do to live safely in such a place where we are at risk all the time? We should do something before-hand to tackle all the unfavorable situation so no one can hit on us. There should be a proper security plan for the purpose. But how should be plan be? What we would be needing for that, all these questions come in our mind. Let’s discuss them.

Having a gun at your home or any such security device isn’t something terrible. Why am I saying so? It is because necessarily you don’t want to kill someone, but may be any such situation would come, and you would have to defend yourself then what would you do? To avoid such situations, here we are sharing some security and defense gadgets which are easily accessible and are user-friendly. You won’t be disappointed at all. Have a look.

·       Stun Gun

If you aren’t convinced with the idea of pepper spray and find it difficult or childish then give this tool a try for once. It is a reliable yet inexpensive option to give a try for once. It is a one-stop solution to take you out of any danger.  How does it work? Then let me tell you that it attacks through the fine-cut electrodes which can go into anything from anywhere and the shock plates give a severe of a shock to the attacker. A led light of a bright color flash when it successfully penetrates inside the attacker and hit them. It can be recharged easily anywhere due to its rechargeable battery.

It is the best option for those people who don’t want to take such risks. The shock is of 200k + volts which are a huge amount and can result in the disability of the attackers in just a matter of seconds. Now the stun guns for women are coming in several forms and sizes which make it very user-friendly without letting any know about it. It can easily be used in a cell phone or a pen or in the side of your wallet; it’s just up to you where you want to place it. The accuracy rate is also very high as compared to other such devices so, why don’t you give it a try.

·       Steel Baseball Bat

Everybody has seen a baseball bat even once in their lives, and this is what makes it accessible and usable too. But did you know it can be used as one of the best security tools especially for inside the home usage? If you aren’t convinced with the idea of pepper spray and find it difficult or childish then give this tool a try for once. A baseball bat needs what, just a swing and here you go.

But how it is different from the usual one and why we are using world Steel with it? This steel is not the actual one instead it’s Cold Steel which is a form of polypropylene, and it is quite durable so, you never know how reliable it would attack on the target.

·       Security Stun Baton

Everyone knows what Stun gun is. So, if I say there’s something which combines the pros of a Stun gun and baseball bat both then would you believe it? So, how would it work? You have to do nothing because this fantastic piece of the gadget itself reaches the target with 9 mV light to target the attacker and stun it well. It has a greater range of visibility with a clear vision in the darkness which helps in attacking your potential enemy in those kinds of situations as well. And what if it doesn’t work for you then as we said it has combining effects of the baseball bat as well so you may always swing it to hit the target at its best.

·       Striker Flashlight

Using a Flashlight is one of the simplest and easiest ways of attacking someone. And a striker flashlight works great for the purpose without much hassle and blood shedding. It has a version named as burst-mode which emits some strange rays that easily blinds someone temporarily for some reasonable amount of time, and you can make your attacker useless for that particular period. It is not that easy as it seems because you have to throw the rays on the attacker correctly and in the meanwhile, you have to grope him, but if everything goes correct, then you would surely be succeeded.

·       Bean Bag Gun

If pepper spray or stun baton is of no use for you then what you should go for? Think of something else. Have you tried Bean bag gun, it is not exactly a gun but can be a substitute for it. It has some strange gas inside which is probably low-powered nitrogen. And it is just a matter of shooting that gas in the right direction towards the attacker which would make your target useless for some amount of time and then you can grope him easily. Isn’t that amazing? It is also not that easy you have to spray from a gun but if it doesn’t fail then your attacker is must be in very much danger.

·       Spy Camera

Why it is so good to buy hidden security cameras, or you may call it ‘Spy camera’. It has so many benefits which you can even think of, and in just a range of $100, it provides you with numerous advantages which were not even possible previously. Like, you know what CCTV footage is so it can be installed anywhere without any difficulty like banks, offices, hotels, super marts, hospitals, schools, etc. Even you can easily install it to your home for your security and protection. Moreover, in offices, it can be used as a medium of tracking and monitoring as well without letting anyone know about it. Isn’t that insane?

It also helps in making your property expensive only due to the addition of this, and many of the companies also give free insurance advice too with its purchase, what else one wants?

You can watch out all the criminal or offensive activities going around without letting anyone know about it. It is one of the best tools to use in law and enforcement matters. One more thing, it’s highly adaptable so, you can always connect its port to the internet and have maximum benefits from it. Even it can be easily be stacked with the shirt’s button so, start your spying capabilities and bring out all the juicy secrets.