You may be packing up your items and ready to put them in storage units but wondering how to preserve them. That’s a great question. The last thing you want is to open it after a significant period of time and find mold or other items on your belongs you cared for and wanted to keep.

After choosing the right storage unit for your items, it’s important to start going through your items, getting rid of some that you don’t think you will ever use again, and packing correctly to ensure all your items stay in great condition for future use. Keep reading to learn how to do this!

  1. The first tip is to ensure your boxes are quality boxes. How can you tell if they are quality boxes? Are there holes in them? Are they damp when you got them? Are they sturdy and one can stack on top of each other? If so, you’re good to go! If not, it’s a great first step to find some better-quality boxes.
  2. The second tip is similar to the first. Add a little bit of weight to the boxes and ensure they don’t collapse once you stack them. If they do, you may need to invest and purchase boxes or totes that do not. This will partly depend on how heavy your items are.

You may want to go into your storage from time to time. If you think you ever will even once, it’s important to label all your items. This will allow you to find things quickly if you go into your storage unit. You can either write directly on the box or put a piece of tape on it and write on it. Try and put the writing in the same place on every box so you remember when it is and it’s easy to find.

There will be a concrete floor where all your belongings are. To prevent anything from getting on them or happening to them, try and lay something like a tarp so there is something between the concrete and your stuff.

You will have better ventilation throughout the unit if you leave a bit of room between the wall and your items. These means don’t put everything back against each wall. Leave a small gap.

You may be in a rush when you are putting all your items in storage. This does not mean you should not clean them. It’s important for many reasons why each item should be cleaned. One of the reasons is because if there’s anything that spells on the item small insects may get in to eat it.

Although most storage units have cameras and a fence, it’s very important to have a good lock to place on the unit to secure all your items. You are locking all these items up for a reason and keeping them. Someone that may want to steal them also knows this. Makes sure you invest in a good lock.

It’s important never to put anything into boxes or into your storage unit that is wet. Make sure everything is clean and dry. This will help to prevent mold from forming.

The next tip we have is to put the heaviest items on the bottom. Keep the lighter items on top. It’s the same as when you are grocery shopping. You don’t want bread smooshed for an hour when you are shopping. The same goes for your storage unit. You don’t want those pillows being pressed down awkwardly for one year. They will end up coming out a lot worse than you put them in. Make sure you keep the heavier items on the bottom.

If you have items like food, this is not the time to store them. It’s best just to throw them out. Like we stated earlier, you don’t want animals to smell them and ruin all your items.

When your items are locked up, make sure you visit them every once and awhile. If anything has gone wrong or if mold has started to grow, you can catch it before it is far too late. This will help to save your things.

Make sure prior to storing your items you sweep everything out and get rid of any debris that may be in the storage unit.

Once again, if you place on coming in and out of the storage unit on a somewhat basic, try and make a small aisle down the center so you can easily come in and out. You will thank yourself for this if you do go to find something when your items are stored.

The next 5 tips are directly for when you are packing up.

  •         Make sure to pack up any book by using bubble wrap. For any spare space inside the box, use newspaper to fill it.
  •         Use controls by storing clothes on hanger sin them. Just like other items, make sure your clothes are washed and cleaned prior to storing them.
  •         Use bubble wrap to pack up items like glassware and dishware.
  •         Don’t put a piece of furniture in like you have it in your home. Disassemble it as much as you possibly can, and you will end up saving so much space.
  •         Don’t put your furniture one on top of each other (except chairs).
  •         If any upholstery has light colors in it, make sure to cover it with something like a slipcover.

Using a self-storage unit will help you to keep personal items that you love. It will help to remove any clutter that is in your home. It will help to keep it for as long as you want. Just make sure you follow these tips to ensure they stay just like when you put them into your unit and don’t get ruined.

Did you learn some great tips when storing your items and how to keep them preserved? We hope so! If you have any more questions on how to store your items or packing up your stuff, contact us today!