Did you just get back from a holiday trip and you have so much footage from your time away? Maybe you have hours and hours and want to send it to all of your friends but realize it’s a little too long and they probably won’t actually watch it. Maybe you have been looking at social media and people have these amazing videos and you want yours to look similar, but you’re unsure how to make that happen. The good news is that it is easier than you think with the right information. Keep reading for more GoPro editing tips. For more, head to this website: http://projectgo.pro/gopro-editing/


Our first tip is to trim is so that you can share it on social media. Let you just read, friends and family are not going to want to sit down and watch over 6 hours of video you recorded. Make a quick 15-30 second clip that simply highlights the best parts of your trip. Don’t be afraid to cut too much. If it’s not absolutely amazing and a vital part of explaining your trip, cut it out. You will still have the video there for a rainy day, but just make this short clip full of the quick highlights of your time. Trust us when we say more people will want to watch your videos.


Once you have made your video shorter it is time to start making some enhancements on it. There are so many out there to pick from it may be overwhelming at first. Just start with the basics and once you understand them you can start making fancier edits. We recommend syncing your smartphone to your camera. You can download the GoPro app and you can then see everything from your smartphone.


When you have a video up, simply hit the icon that looks like a picture frame and you can capture individualizes. From you can you look at each frame individually until you find the perfect shot. That can be added to your video easily. It is similar to a screenshot in the middle of a video if you were to take it on your regular phone.


Picking a song and putting it to your video makes it that much better. Pick a song that goes with the flow of your video. If you are doing something more intense, pick a song that has a deeper beat to it. If you have a slow but beautiful video to play, make sure not to play heavy metal. Play something softer and it will only add to the beauty of your day. Having music when having a video playing adds a huge effect on the overall video. Don’t be afraid to have multiple songs play. Make the transition smooth and transition it at the right time.


If you have GoPro Splice this will help you with your editing on your smartphone. This means that even if you don’t have a computer, you can edit and add music to your video easily still. There are so many different tracks available for free. You simply pick which one you like and drag it over to your video. It’s that easy!


After you have your music ready, make sure that it adds impact to whatever it is you are doing. If you are on a hike and reach the summit, add music that will impact the video at that very part. When you have GoPro Studio and Splice open, it will actually show you where the spike is in the music to help you know where to put it into your video for the most dramatic effect. It will make your video look that much more professional!


GoPro makes it easy to drop highlight tags. All you do is put a market at where you want the video’s timecode to be. This makes it very easy to go back to at any point. It also makes it easier when editing the video so that you know where specific parts are and where and what to add to those areas.


Another great enhancement when making a GoPro video is to slow the video down or to speed it up. GoPro Studio has great editing tools for this. Once again, you can do this directly from your smartphone too, you simply need to have the app, Splice. In order to make it faster or slower, you tap “Edit Video” which is located on the clip of choice once you look up the editing options. It is the third choice on the left. From there, you can slow your video down to 0.2 and speed it up 2X the normal speed. This can be very effective if you are about to show something great but you need to show how you got there quickly, you can speed up the video. You can slow the video down if you want more emphasis on a specific part. It is sort of like simply adding a picture, but it has a bit more emotion behind it.


Another option when you are editing a video is to hand over the controls. You may be thinking we are meaning to hire a professional. It sort of it, but you are handing over the effects to the computer. All you do is put in video clips into an app called Quik. This is GoPro owned. This will allow you to put together a highlight package. Quik edits the clips together and puts them into a little video for you. It will even add music and additional cuts of different beats. You will have a wonderful and quick result. If you like the overall result but want to quickly still make a few changes, you can go in and do that still. It is in editing mode at all times.


This is also a great learning tool. If you feel overwhelmed on how to make any edits. You can work backward. Simply upload your clips into Quik and then after the results you can go back through and see what the computer did to create each result.


There are many different GoPro editing tools to use from. GoPro Studio is a great and free option that has almost all of the presets you can need. This is the main one we talked about in this article and user-friendly. There are two great options if you would like a more professional video editing software. First, Magix Movie Edit Pro is $70. You get 1000 templates and 32 different editing track and motion tracking. It’s a great affordable program. If you are looking to have the most professional videos out there, Adobe Premiere Pro is for you. It is $20 per month and will really help to wow your audience.


Now you can see how many ways you can edit your GoPro to make your videos amazing. Whether you are looking to show your friends and family, or you are looking to make a career out of video editing, everyone can use these tips. Try and play around with different programs and you will learn so much and see how amazing you really can make your videos. For more GoPro video editing tips, contact us today!