All parents want to raise smart and intelligent kids. Each parent wants a little genius in the house. Some games are crucial for the development of intelligence in children.

First, remember that the most important tool for your child’s learning, especially during the pre-school period between the ages of 3-7 is the game. Games, after your love and the healthy nutrition regime that you provide to your kid, is probably the most important factor that have direct impact on the social, physical and mental development of the children of this age group.


For Children above 8 and above

If your kid is older than eight, you can play the computer based games together. The internet is a big universe and finding safe web sites is not that easy for our kids. If you are also looking for a safe and reliable site, you can take a look at the web sites that are included into the kidSAFE Seal program. What we may recommend you is the g2k that is featured in this program. Within this portal; you can access to hundreds of mind-developing games especially in car games category.


Thanks to the above-mentioned games, which are made with various funny characters, your child will be able to carry on his/her mental development without being bored. Furthermore, the time your kid will spend on computer will be much efficient in this way.


For Children between the Ages of 2-7

Kids get to be happy while playing games, they hone their problem solving skills and socialize. Games are also opportunities for the adults as well. Parents, who monitor their kids while they play games, may have the opportunity to get to know their kids better, may understand their interests and they may notice their kids’ perception regarding the world, the parents and themselves. In this way, the parents may even notice possible emotional problems of their children as well.

First, it is crucial that the parents play games with their children. Playing games with your child by sharing time and having fun while being in communication with each other brings crucial benefits.

In a game, which the parent is in interact with the child and where the game is played with joy, what toy is used has little to no importance. For example, you can clip each other’s clothes with plastic clothes pegs or you can shoot the balls, made out of socks, to a large basket.


Imitation games are perfect for discovering the emotional world of the child and for developing his/her emotional intelligence. For example, the playhouse games are what all of us played when we were kids. In this game, you can assume the role of the child while your kid plays the parent. Therefore; the empathy of your child begins to develop and you get to have a general idea of how your kid perceives you.


Furthermore; kids from this age group love playing charade and since such games push children to think, they develop intelligence.

After all we discussed, you should remember that the best activity for a children, regardless of the age, to develop the mind is reading books. Selection of books, made for pre-school children by taking the age and development periods into account is the key to have fun and quality times.