Being a nurse is literally a full time job. You have to walk around constantly, assisting the doctor and the patient. Plus, hospitals are usually very huge places. If you wear tight uncomfortable shoes or if, by mistake, you purchase a bad pair of shoes, then you are aware of the pain and suffering caused just because of a pair of shoes. However, not to worry because there do exist shoes for nurses in a huge variety of different shapes, sizes, styles and comfort levels. However, the huge variety also tends to add in to the confusion and stress a nurse already feels when choosing the right shoes for their job. It isnt an easy job as to which one to choose as every shoe can have a different impact or feeling. If you are facing difficulty and discomfort with the current pair of nursing shoes you own, you know that it is time to get a new pair. Fortunately there is a list which exists which can help you select the right pair of shoes for yourself. This list applies for nursing shoes whether it is for a female or a male.


Here are a few tips which you should follow if you are looking for the best shoes for nurses:

  • Weight and comfort. If you are a habitual walker or your job requires you to walk a lot from one point to another, you need to have shoes which are light in weight and airy. Wearing heavy or clunky shoes can be a pain as it can slow you down, cause foot and leg pain and irritate you. The irritation and bad mood may start showing in the way you do your job. If you have a desk job at the hospital, heavy shoes may be an okay choice. However, always keep a pair of light and airy shoes in case you need to walk a lot or rush.
  • Support and stability. Nurses work for long hours. Which is why it is really important for them to get shoes which have a good support and good stability. Such shoes should help in preventing or eliminating back pain, leg and foot pain and should offer good ankle and back support. Consider factors such as heel height, the style of the shoe, the comfort level, etc. It all matters to save you from back and leg pain.
  • Slip protection and resistance. Working in hospitals for long periods, there are hours when cleaners and janitors wet the floor to clean it. Which is why if you are a nurse who has to walk around a lot, get a pair of shoes which are slip resistant and help in protecting you.
  • Design and shape. These vary with every foot. People have different sizes and some even have medical conditions. Many people working as nurses or in hospitals tend to wear crocs or athletic shoes such as sneakers or tennis shoes. By the way, you can find sneakers for nurses on the website Of course, everyone’s preference depends on what they find comfortable. Make sure you test out your shoes for a few days.