Spokane is the second largest city in Washington. It often gets ignored in favor of Seattle, which lies towards the west and gets a lot of buzz. However, Spokane is a beautiful city that offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Throughout the year, one can experience multiple outdoor activities and events in Spokane along with fun shopping, museums, and a music scene.


In today’s article, we list a few things you can enjoy if you happen to live in or visit Spokane.


The Monroe Street Bridge

A walk along the Monroe Street Bridge is watching beauty in history. Stop to read the plaque on this landmark to know a few things about the bridge. As a tidbit, it is the third bridge on the site and one that has been the longest lasting. The bridge offers mesmerizing views across the Spokane River. You will be able to view the waterfall below the bridge. A trail leads to the bridge from the Riverfront Park, which is an experience on its own.


Manito Park

While the Riverfront Park is quite famous in Spokane, you should also visit the Manito Park. In addition to 90 acres of gardens, trees, and a conservatory, it is surrounded by the view of historic homes. The site is so diverse in its beauty and you will enjoy at any time of the year.


Spokane County Raceway

If you have a thing for thrilling experiences, then you should not miss out on the Spokane County Raceway. During the summer months, a variety of motor races take place on the track. It was previously known as the Spokane Raceway Park. If you happen to visit Spokane in the summer, you should definitely catch a race to enjoy a loud but fun time.


River Park Square

Shopping, eating, and entertainment; all are packed in one package at the River Park Square. It is a downtown network of stores and restaurants. Major retailers such as the Macy’s, Restoration Hardware, Nordstroms, and Pottery Barn.


Live Music

When you want to bust stress and have fun at the same time, nothing does it better than music. And it becomes more interesting when it is live. Spokane is quite well-known for its music scene. You will be able to locate both large and small venues that offer a variety of musical tastes. If you want to catch the headliners touring the area, try the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena or the Knitting Factory. For more intimate experiences, the Big Dipper and The Bartlett offer music sessions throughout the year.


The Davenport Hotel

A single night’s stay at the Davenport will let you explore a lot of history and community.  You should explore the lobby, event spaces, candy shop, gift shop, and the mezzanine. You can also treat your taste buds at on one the restaurants and follow up with a drink at the Peacock Room. To get totally laid back, a visit to the Spa Paradiso will be nice.