Painting your home’s exterior is a massive job and can feel like a daunting undertaking. Whether you hire Edmonton painters to do the job or are going to do it yourself, one of the most important steps in the process is preparing the walls and trim. Not doing a thorough prep job can leave you with bad results and a paint job that won’t last.

Determine what exactly is getting painted.

If you’re painting your home to help it sell, you might not have to paint the entire building to boost curb appeal. Give your home’s exterior a visual inspection. If you have painted wood siding, check for peeling paint. Areas that are left exposed can be susceptible to moisture. Check to see if there is moisture or rot. If so, replace those boards. If not, you can paint over them. An inspection can determine if you need to paint the whole house or if you can get away with painting just the trim or shutters.

Select your paint.

You should do research on exterior paint that stands up to our climate, like a paint that is 100% acrylic latex. Once you have the brand or type of paint selected, choose a colour. Enlisting the help of professional house painters can be very helpful in this endeavour. They typically have colour designers, a finger on the pulse of what is in trend, can help you choose a colour you’ll like and that will boost your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

Clean the surface.

Before you begin, make sure the surface of the house is clean and dry. Start by giving it a wash with a pressure washer to get off any dirt, debris or mildew. You can even use a broom or brush to scrub down those stubborn areas.

Scrap off peeling or cracked paint.

Painting contractors will tell you that this is one of the most tedious but most critical tasks in exterior home painting. Make sure you scrap off all loose paint and sand down those areas. Really take your time with this. If you paint over peeling or cracked paint, you new paint job will just peel off with it. Once you’re finished, apply the primer to the surface.

Paint the siding.

Using a high-quality brush, start painting the top siding, painting horizontally as you work your way down. You might have to use scaffolding or a ladder. Keep a wet edge by overlapping paint areas over the most recently finished areas. Read how to properly paint your house exterior.

Paint the trim.

White is a common choice, but more homeowners are choosing to paint their trim black. It gives the windows a modern look. Read more about exterior trim paint colour options. If you’re painting shutters, consider removing them from the house and painting them separately. The easiest way to paint shutters is to spray paint them.

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