As a small business, you have to be really careful with your finances considering you are not always backed up with investments. Now, most of the budget is often exhausted via salaries, rent and other mandatory costs. Very little is left for SEO. But it’s a very important aspect you need to focus on if you want your business to grow. Here are some ideas on how you can manage SEO efficiently on a small budget:

Optimize website for mobile

Almost everyone has a mobile phone with them and the convenience to visit a website via a smartphone has led to an insignificant rise in mobile web users. In fact, in 2019, almost 52% of website traffic generated worldwide came via mobile phones. This stat alone should be enough for you to optimize your website for mobiles.

Websites that fail to optimize themselves for mobile phones, receive less traffic as compared to the ones that do. Moreover, many search engines have created special algorithms that display mobile-friendly websites on top when someone searches from a mobile. It is thus, extremely important that you optimize your website for mobile devices at the earliest to increase traffic.

Build a strong local base via citations

If you want your small business to make it big, you need to have a strong local base. People around the areas of your business must love it dearly before people elsewhere appreciate the business. Local SEO is very important for businesses that are just starting out and local citations are a major part of it. The more local citations your business will have, the better. Plus, did you know that 80% of local searches convert?

You can use any of the local business platforms available on the web. Try to be heard and get citations from the local government as well. Achieve a spot on the tourist maps or online maps. All of this will help your business develop a great local base and will also highlight it on a bigger scale.

However, you must be really careful going down the line. There shouldn’t be contradictory or confusing information about your business on different platforms. You must keep all your info updated on all the platforms. Here are some local citation sites for your reference.

Improve Metadata

Intriguing people with metadata will help you get a lot of clicks and increase traffic on your website. The first thing you must do is to look for the most searched keywords related to your business. Include these keywords into your title and meta description creatively. This will help your site be displayed as one of the top results.

Next, you need to create captivating meta-descriptions. They are the few lines of your content that the people can view directly from the search results. The meta-description should be written by keeping in mind the preferences of your target audience. It should engage them and leave them wanting for more. URLs are also an important part of metadata optimization. Keep them as short as possible. Try to include some keywords in the URL itself to boost your searches.

Create High-Quality Content

You need to create original content for your website if you want to attract people’s attention. Infact, Google is most likely to rank you higher if your content represents quality, exactly why 57% of marketers say content is the topmost tactic for effective SEO.

The content should be unique and relatable to your target audience. You can dedicate an entire section of your website to this content and update it regularly to keep people engaged. Your content can be informative articles or videos that increase the viewers’ knowledge about the latest developments in your industry.

From time to time, you can also upload content that gives people a look into your own business. Create videos where your employees answer people’s queries about your business or give them behind-the-scenes into the day to day functioning of your business. The possibilities are endless.

Just make sure that you don’t stop your creative side and make the content as relatable as possible. This will attract many people to your website and after looking at your content, they will be encouraged to take a look at other details of your business. It will give a great boost to your business.


Growing a business is certainly not an easy task. Follow all the above steps to do great  and affordable SEO on a small budget and still achieve the desired results.