Garages are an important part of every home. But they are exposed to sunlight and every kind of weather, which is why they can easily get dirty. Cleaning them can be a challenge as well. Especially if there are oil spills, they will not wash away no matter how hard you try. This is when pressure washers come in handy. They are able to cut through any kind of dirt and grime. For such types of cleaning tasks, extremely high-water pressure is used. This is why it is important that you use it with full caution. 

Here is everything you need to know about pressure washing the garage floor.

Clear out the area

For pressure washing, the most important part is to clear out the space for cleaning. Using garage car mats for snow is also a great idea, it can protect and shield your garage floor from snow during the winter season. For cleaning out oil spills, high water pressure is used. Which can cut through almost anything and cause permanent damage. So, if you see something which can get in the way, just move it to a safe place. If there are any leaves, wipe them off too. You need to prepare the whole area, before pressure washing it.

Apply detergent 

When you clean your home with a pressure washer, mostly this step is skipped by people. If you want spotless cleaning, it is important that you use detergent first. It will be able to loosen dirt and grime and in just one wash you will be able to get a fully cleaned garage. It is recommended to use strong detergent. You can get a concrete cleaner as well. Use a detergent spray for lightly spraying it all over the place and let it soak for a while.

Use a brush for scrubbing

After applying the detergent, do not jump directly to rinsing. It is recommended to get a pressure washer brush. You can easily sweep off larger particles by using it. If you do not have a scrubbing brush, you can simply attach the floor brush to the pressure washer wand. This will not only sweep off any larger particles, but it will help in soaking foam deeper, which will make cleaning much easier.

Take cautions

It is recommended to get a pressure washing kit. If you did have one. Wear protective goggles, gloves, and shoves. Never clean while wearing shorts or loose clothes. Make sure you are properly covered. Wear shoes which cover toes. Never clean flip flops or any other type of shoes in which your feet are exposed. Steel boots are the perfect option. If you don’t have those just wear any type of boots.

Start pressure washing

Now, it’s time for the most important part i.e., pressure washing. Grab the zero-degree- nozzle (color-coded in red). Attach it with the wand and start the pressure washer. Remember, this water pressure can cause damage. So, it is important that you keep the nozzle near the ground. The closer it is to the target, the better result you can expect. Do not move the wand fast. Concentrate on the stain, once it is properly cleaned, then move forward.

Use surface cleaner

Surface cleaners are always a suitable option. A pressure washer can clean the garage just fine, but there are chances that the water will splash on the wall. If you want to keep the surroundings safe, it is recommended to go for a surface cleaner. Surface cleaners are just like a pressure washer, it just has multiple spinning jets contained within a housing to give it a uniform streak-free shine. This is a much safer option and provides even cleaning. When you are done cleaning, do not leave the floor wet. You can use a squeegee for getting any remaining water.