Companies have to adapt to changes and new circumstances from time to time in order to be successful in business in the long term. Integrating innovative technologies into established internal company processes is of enormous importance, especially in fast-growing markets, where competitive pressure is very high. 

Workflows must be constantly optimized to ensure that processes and procedures are as efficient and cost-saving as possible. Only in this way is a sustainable positive development of companies possible. Data glasses – so-called smart glasses – hold enormous potential for companies in this context. The innovative possibilities created by ongoing digitization are optimally combined by the devices with the advantages of human skills. 

The Vuzix M400 data glasses, for example, must be mentioned in this context. The following article shows which features and functions characterize these smart glasses. 


Vuzix M400 – What distinguishes the innovative smart glasses?

The manufacturer Vuzix launches its latest model, the M400 data glasses. The glasses are based on an Android operating system and feature triple microphones, an autofocus, a USB 3.1 Gen 2, and an 8-core Qualcomm XR1. Any components from the previous and current M series are supported by the M400 in the process. 

High wearing comfort 

The ear mounts on the glasses frame are designed to be flexible, preventing the data glasses from sliding down. The frame is extremely lightweight, making it very comfortable to wear. This prevents the glasses from hindering the wearer during work. 

Extended battery life 

The battery life has been improved considerably compared to the predecessor model, the Vuzix M300 XL. The battery of the data glasses now lasts for more than five hours. The hot swap of external batteries is also supported, so the operating time of the glasses can be extended even further. 

The data glasses have three connectors on the back and front. The connectors on the back are used for the camera unit and the battery’s charging cable. Battery life plays an extremely important role in data glasses so that they can offer reliable added value in everyday work. The Vuzix M400 can score highly in this area. 

High display readability and impressive camera 

The Vuzix M400 has a camera that is equipped with optical image stabilization and autofocus. The captured photos impress with a resolution of 12.8 megapixels and videos can be recorded at 1080p60. Pointing the camera in different directions is possible without any problems. A C-connector, as well as a microphone and a power switch are integrated on the front of the camera. 

The display readability is quite good at all times. Pictures and videos can be sent easily and without complications. It is also possible to hold video conferences. It would be desirable if an additional flashlight were integrated into the Vuzix M400 to make working in the dark even more comfortable. However, the data glasses generally manage well in changing bright and dark environments and with challenging light conditions even without a lamp. 

Versatile control options

The predecessor model of the Vuzix M400 forms the basis of the control system. However, this has been significantly optimized in the current model, making it even more comfortable. 

There are three buttons for operating the glasses, which are assigned the commands “Back”, “Forward” and “Confirm”. There is also a dual-axis touchpad, which can be used with the practical multi-finger function. It is also possible to control the Smart Glasses via voice commands. Two additional microphones integrated into the glasses thus ensure that the hands can always be moved freely while working. 

High sound quality

Loudspeakers are installed on both sides of the data glasses, which have a very high sound quality. As soon as it gets louder in the environment, for example in the course of work in block-type thermal power stations, the noise control of the Vuzix microphones functions extremely reliably. 

However, the glasses reach their limits when the plant noises are also to be passed on to the caller who is not on site. Over-ear headphones are recommended in this scenario, which can be securely fastened with additional accompanying material if necessary. 

Practical handling

Basically, the frame of the glasses already has an extremely good fit. However, modifications to the frame are also possible without much effort. Connecting the battery unit and the camera is also simple and straightforward. 

In order to realize an even higher wearing stability, the glasses can be combined with a headband. This allows the individual components to be flexibly aligned. In addition, the Vuzix M400 is characterized by its water and dust resistance. 

The Vuzix M400 is thus a pair of data glasses that is characterized by numerous helpful functions that provide great advantages in a variety of project application fields. The price-performance ratio of the smart glasses is also quite respectable. Technicians who already use the glasses regularly in their everyday work also report that the Vuzix M400 passes the practical test with flying colors.