Believe it or not, we are living in a power-based world where our mobiles, laptops, cameras, and other devices need to be powered. If you are going to stay away from AC power outlets for a period, or you just want a standby power for emergency use, a portable power station is the best solution for you.

A portable power station is designed with DC and AC power ports that can be used for different device. It is 1.5KWh, more powerful than USB power bank or portable notebook charger. That’s why it is more useful in outdoor activities, such as powering a campsite, film screening in the backyard, or landscape photography.  You can find a variety of power stations on the market and you will be confused about which one to be chose. Below 5 points should be considered when you buy a portable power station:

  • Long shelf life

A portable power station is one that should be able to stay powered for long time. Because it might be needed in emergencies or in times where there are unexpected yet uncontrollable power outage situations.

For example, when natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes break out, power is needed but inaccessible.

  • Portability

Most power stations on the market are just too big and heavy to carry around, especially for long-distance walking. So, we suggest that you should choose a portable power station around 50 pounds with handles, wheels design. It is difficult to load or unload from a car or move around a house, if the station is bulky without smart design.

  • Safety

It is better to choose a mobile power station with a lithium battery instead of lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are well known for their stability and monitored through an advanced battery management system that prevents overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuit, etc.

Although not as powerful as portable generators, portable power stations offer some significant advantages in emergencies. They are quiet and emissions-free, which means you can use them safely during blackouts. Since there is no engine, you don’t need to keep gasoline at hand, nor to change oil or other minor maintenance for internal combustion engines.

  • Durability

We also note the materials used externally, as well as any additional functions, such as wheels or handles. Lifting such a big deal requires a specific handle. That’s because sometimes you will use these devices outdoors in the backyard or camping, and move them a lot. So, the one you choose should be resistant to scuffs and scratches. Also, the battery pack is expected to be sealed in a water-tight enclosure.

  • Green power

With an increasing focus on environmental sustainability, the world is particular about a nature-based solution, or at least processes that will not lead to further environmental degradation.

A good portable power generator is one that does not contribute to this type of environmental degradation. Instead, it is produced sustainably, and it does not release emissions that are dangerous to the environment, man and animals alike.

How did we pick?

MinMax Energy’s portable power station is indeed a choice of mobile power stations on the market. Apart from the five features that you look for in a portable power station, it has low self-discharge and long shelf-life. It is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play unit to power up multiple appliances with zero fumes and zero noise. Also, it features a useful display showing easy-to-read real-time information, such as runtime or remaining charging time.

While the ultimate decision of what choice of a portable power station to buy rests with the consumer, MinMax Energy’s portable power station would make for an awesome pick.