In today’s post, I will share the top 10 tips for finding the right public adjuster for your property insurance claim.

Without a doubt, suffering property damage is a traumatic experience for every homeowner. If you have insurance, you can claim it. But you might want to hire a public adjuster for guiding you through the process of an insurance claim.

I understand how baffling and annoying it can be to choose the right public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale. To help you decide, here are some tips.

1.    Do Extensive Research Before Picking a Public Adjuster

One of the common mistakes made by people is choosing the first public adjuster that comes along. You have to keep in mind that their capability of finding and marketing to you does not tell anything about their abilities. So, you must do research and make a list of the pros and cons of the adjusters that you like. Contact them and get more information regarding their services.

When you are searching for the public adjuster, it is advised to check their website. All the legitimate adjusters will have a website. If a company doesn’t have a website, it might be a sign that the company is not legitimate. Hence, you should not choose such a public adjuster.

2.    Choose A Public Adjuster with Best Reputation

The market is filled with tons of public adjusters claiming to get the results in a timely manner. However, this not every adjuster is reliable. That is why you must ensure the public adjuster has a good reputation. You can ask them for their previous client’s numbers to speak to them about their experience. Ask them about how easy it is to work with the public adjuster. You can even ask them how successful were they in handling past claims. Moreover, you must also check their online reviews.

3.    Check Their Experience

Another tip for hiring the best public adjuster is focusing on their experience. You should select an adjuster who belongs to the following organizations: United Policyholders of America, Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND), and National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA).

The members of these groups have to follow a strict ethical standard, so every member provides exceptional service. These groups even have an online directory for listing their members.

Furthermore, you must choose an adjuster who has experience in their field. For instance, you must not hire a public adjuster with 10 years in commercial property damage insurance claims for your hurricane-damaged house.

4.    Ensure They Are Obeying the Law

If you have suffered a residential property loss in Florida, then a public adjuster or anyone else can contact you until 48 hours. Fortunately, there is no limitation regarding you contacting the public adjuster. You can contact the adjuster if you feel you need immediate assistance.

5.    Don’t Forget to Check Licenses

According to the State of Florida laws, a public adjuster must be licensed by the State or other governing bodies in the US. There might be some adjuster working without having a license. If the insurance company finds you have a non-licensed adjuster, it might cause trouble for you. There is a chance that you might end up losing your claim.

6.    A Good Adjuster Will Have Transparent Fees

An imperative thing to keep in mind is that good public adjuster is not cheap, and an inexpensive adjuster is not good. However, the adjuster is worth their fee. This is because a good adjuster is capable of getting you 100% more money than a bad adjuster.

Before hiring a public adjuster, ask for their fee structure. A good adjuster will not have any hidden fee. Mostly, the adjuster fee ranges from 10% to 25%. You will not have to pay the fees until the settlement is finalized.

7.    Avoid Public Adjuster Who Makes Promises in the Initial Meeting

A good public adjuster will never make promises of what they can do without seeing your policy and damage. They will carefully assess the damage caused and gather evidence to support your claim. In addition, they will even look at your record before planning how to take the case further.

If a public adjuster promises you something in the first meeting, it may be a red flag suggesting there is something wrong. So, you should not hire someone just because they promised you an outcome.

8.    Don’t Get Pressurized by the Public Adjuster

If the adjuster asks you to sign up quickly, avoid the adjuster at all costs. It is better to look for other adjusters. This is a shady move that means the adjuster is not a reliable one. The process of claim can be daunting and time-consuming. So, you will need an adjuster that will help you understand and make the process easy for you.

9.    Never Trust Remediation Companies

This is one of the most important tips to follow when hiring a public adjuster. Don’t fall prey to remediation companies. Many contractors will force you to sign a deal with remediation companies to end the daunting process of claim.

Though this will get you money right away, it will be less than what you might receive with a public adjuster.

10.   Hire A Public Adjuster You are Comfortable with

You have to ensure the public adjuster is the right fit for you. You must be comfortable with the adjuster. You must communicate with them without any hassle.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale, we are the best choice. Our team of public adjusters has a great track record of getting better settlements for all our clients. All our adjusters are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to negotiating a claim settlement with the insurance company. We will put in our best efforts to help you get the settlement you deserve.

With these tips, you can find the right public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale. How did you choose a public adjuster? Share your experience and recommendations with us.