FTM prosthetics have become extremely popular in recent times. They are designed to simulate a man’s penis and testicles. The FTM prostheses are easy to wear and comfortably stay in your underwear. Thus, you get to benefit from a very natural look. The best thing about FTM prosthetics is that they are available in a wide range of sizes to suit just about everyone. No matter how big or small of a penis you might want, you can expect to emulate the ideal type of penis you desire by ordering customized FTM prosthetics from FTM Packers. You must order FTM prosthetics from a reliable company such as FTM packers to ensure that you get just what you need.

There is a huge variety of prosthesis that you can choose from. Whether you want an erect, flaccid, or a combination of the two, each prosthetic is customized and you get to select from different skin shades. Moreover, you even have the option to get a prosthetic without or with foreskin depending on whether you like to have that extra girth or not. When it comes to the foreskin, it is simply a matter of choice.

What Materials Are Used To Make FTM Prosthetics?

Most FRM prosthetics are made using medical-grade silicone. It tends to be hypoallergenic, odorless and is very durable. The FTM prosthetics are designed to be attached to your pubic region using medical adhesive. You have the option to wear it with a harness or in your underwear. Generally, the ideal positioning and size of the prosthesis should not draw attention to the oversized bulge. The reason why people consider FTM prosthetics is because they are not simply a packer, but instead offer a realistic look and feel.

Types of Hard Packers

When it comes to hard packers, they are many options to choose from. Over the years, numerous affordable and high-quality dicks/ dildos have been made. Since the 90s, there has been considerable development in using new materials. FTM prosthetics are made from a wide range of materials but are sometimes 100 percent silicone as it is a clean and easy to maintain option. Other substances that are used for making FTM prosthetics include UR3, flexoflesh, Cyberskin, jelly, and elastomer to name a few. Moreover, some dildos are made using hard materials like Lucite, glass, or acrylic. However, this post does not discuss about very hard materials as they do not offer a realistic look and are not able to mimic an actual penis.

The majority of realistic-looking dicks/ dildos that are commonly purchased by a transgender man are divided into two categories as mentioned below.

  • 100 percent silicone.
  • Mixed-silicone or non-silicone materials like flexoflesh, UR3, soft skin, ultra skin, soft vinyl, elastomer, rubber, jelly, Cyberskin, and similar names.

In the mentioned two categories, there are many variations. You can shop for professionally hand-crafted to affordable factory-molded prosthetics. There are dual-use models, models with and without balls, stand to pee packers that are designed for sex, and prosthetics that have flexible skin to emulate the texture of a penis. Each option is available in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

When you buy a dick/ dildo, you must have an idea of what material it is made of and how you can use it safely as well as take care of it.


100 Percent Silicone

Silicone makes for a perfect material as it is non-porous which makes it hypoallergenic, durable, and chemically stable. Dicks/ dildos made of silicone can warm up based on your body temperature. They vary in density and firmness. There are some silicone-based dicks/ dildos that can be molded to offer a more realistic feel and others can be very firm. To get a realistic look and feel of a penis, it is better to opt for a silicone-based dick/dildo that has a softer layer.

The main benefit of using 100 percent silicone dicks/ dildos is that they can be easily sterilized in boiled water within 2 to 3 minutes and are super easy to clean. However, if you do not sterilize the dildo, you must use a condom for safe sex. Make sure to wash the dildo regularly in hot water and use mild soap. Then, rinse it and leave it to dry before you store it.

Another reason why 100 percent silicone dicks/ dildos are a great option is that they do not have any chemicals known as phthalates, unlike many other realistic materials. There has been serious debate over the link of phthalates towards the health of users. Although the health impact of using a phthalate-based dildo remains unclear, people tend to prefer using a 100 percent silicone dildo as it tends to be free of phthalate.

It is pertinent to mention that a disadvantage found in most silicone-based dildos is that their detailing and coloring might not be as realistic as other non-silicone products. Furthermore, silicone-based dildos are more expensive as compared to many non-silicone products like jelly or rubber. Even though silicone is durable, you must take care of it to avoid tearing or breaking its surface.


Mixed Silicone or Non-Silicone

When discussing silicone or non-silicone dildos, there is a huge variety of options that range from rubber materials to soft plastics and a mixture of silicone. There are products named flexoflesh, UR3, soft skin, ultra skin, Cyberskin, soft vinyl, elastomer, rubber, and jelly. For instance, UR3, flexoflesh, soft skin, ultra skin, and cyber skin indicate the softness of the materials, unlike traditional silicone-based dicks/ dildos. These dildos have a realistic look in terms of detailing and color. Many of them can offer a better look as compared to silicone dildos. Since mixed silicone or non-silicone dildos are made from porous materials, they easily pick up bacteria and dirt. They also cannot be sterilized through boiling as they would melt if boiled. Thus, condoms need to be used for any sexual activity when using these dildos.



Now that you have a better understanding of FTM prosthetics, you can choose one that you are most comfortable with.