Are you looking for some great social media strategies? Would you like to push outstanding traffic to a website? Or maybe you want to get more followers on Instagram or another preferred social platform?

No matter what it is you are trying to accomplish, the common goal here is to help you find success along the way.

Today we share some practical social media tips with you to convert your visitors to leads. But don’t forget, in order for them to work, you actually need to implement these effective strategies into your everyday content creation and marketing methods.

The role of social media in the rankings

Social media is too influential a platform for marketers to ignore, and unless there is a seismic shift in consumer attitudes and habits, its popularity will only continue to grow in the coming years. That being said, it’s not clear exactly how search engines use social media to rank your website.

One of the most popular trends we see in the businesses we work with is the near-complete separation of organic SEO and social media in marketing departments.

This is shocking because social media marketing should be one of SEO’s most trusted allies. However, we all can’t be experts in both areas — but we can have some simple knowledge and know the basics of what works in each.

The reality is that social media plays a major role in helping companies distribute their content to a wider audience.

This results in many things that benefit SEO, including more backlinks, stronger signals of interaction, and much more owned SERP real estate for branded queries.

Let’s get started on the process you need to be aware of.

Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles play an important role in creating and recognizing brands. A strong profile on social media will drive quite a lot of traffic to your website. The optimization process of your social media profiles is as critical as the optimizing of the SEO of your website. Ensure you include relevant keywords in your social media biographies.

Also, when filling out your profile details, make sure you don’t forget any stuff.

Your SEO website will rank nice if you include its links in the biographies of your social media profile. This is also an important rule on your website to ensure good SEO

Updating your blog posts

Many aspects, like the sizes of social media images, can frequently change in the social media space. You will also want to make sure you have the right image sizes for each platform and not just posting them universally. Pinterest and Instagram have their own sizes, just like Twitter and Facebook have theirs.

Many of the blog posts we write would no longer be of assistance to our readers if the knowledge were outdated.

Updating your old blog posts doesn’t just keep your content relevant to your followers; it can also help you rank Google better and get more reliable traffic.

Use the content of social media to increase your online footprint

Content ‘s power lies in its ability to expand beyond existing markets and to find new viewers and potential clients. It not only spreads content on forums and other websites but also ranks on the search engines. So, your content on social media will contribute significantly to your SEO.

This is one of the most recommended and effective solutions out there. Some of the most famous people on social media are using existing content and syndication to reach new audiences daily, while also growing their brand and reach in the process.

Use Keywords to Drive Content Creation

To improve your exposure across the board on search engines, make social media content produced to rank specific keywords part of your marketing strategy

Engage with Your Target Audience Consistently

Social media lets you connect directly to your target audience. You can communicate with your audience, get real-time feedback, and enhance the customer experience.

Regular interaction with your audience will raise the traffic to your website and social media profile. This also boosts customer opinion from the perspective of the company

Publish Social Posts To Get Worthy Backlinks

Social media posts will end up outside of conventional social networks in all sorts of places. We are used for presentations in blog posts and articles, eBooks, and SlideShare.

Create Viral Content like Memes

The term “viral” is related to social media quite a bit. Anything unique, enticing, or relatable that you find has the potential to drive more traffic. Viral content is essential if you wish to increase traffic on your site. This is by no means an easy deal, however. Remember, your posts may not all be viral. In order to make content viral, it is essential

  • People have a willingness to share your content
  • People spread your message to reach the maximum audience

This is yet another powerful method for growing your viral reach and creating better content that provides a real user experience. It’s not enough to just push new content out there, it also needs to get social shares, comments and backlinks from your audience as well.

Embed Social Media Profiles on Your Websites

Getting more followers, and like, is another hack. It helps you generate greater traffic both on social pages and on your website.

You can easily place the widget of your website or a social account on websites and get more followers. That is what we do personally.

Focus on Sharing Visual Content

Video content will give you more likes and shares than the ordinary content, according to the factual figures. Invest time to create visuals that speak volumes about you, your company, and your products in the niche.

Make sure that your visuals are too unique to get overlooked. Focus later on sharing that with your target audience

Research Your Competitors Thoroughly

One important social media strategy is to understand how well your rivals perform. The same goes for any marketing strategy on social media.
You can use the online tools to gain insights and efficiency metrics about how your competitors compete.

Get Inspiration from Influencers

In this digital world, social media influencers create a significant impact. As highlighted in a recent report from AxeSEO, “influencer marketing is expected to become a multi-billion dollar industry by 2021-2022 and Kyle Jenner is paving the way for others to cash in”. Even Forbes also wrote about this topic and how Kyle was able to create a billion dollar fashion and beauty empire, simply through her social reach and massive following.

Influencers are often called “online celebs” because they have a large number of followers and immense popularity on social media. Some of the most successful and biggest money makers on social media, are smaller individuals and accounts that you’ve never even heard from.

Final Recommendations

No matter if you are focusing your efforts on social media or SEO, it’s important to make sure you have all of the necessary tools and features in place for success. From a website perspective, this would be your content structure, user experience and on-site internal links. From an outside marketing perspective, this would be the necessary outreach and link building with other sites to help make sure your site is found and ranked by Google.

To best accomplish this, be sure to implement the following recommendations in your daily operations and best practices.

  • Create a strategy to promote your content in a social sense. Include where you share (which may vary according to content type).
  • Create a set of procedures for ensuring the sharing strategy for each new piece of content is carried out. This should also include keeping an eye on your competition and knowing where they are ranking in Google.
  • Join any of the free and premium SERP tools available online and keep an active trending report on the latest movements you are seeing in the search results for your most sought after keywords and phrases.
  • Keep an updated list of your best evergreen content, and schedule regular resharing. Note that every single post is seen on social networks today by just a small portion of your potential audience

After running through this process a few times, you will start to realize how important these steps really are. At the same time, also be sure to keep an eye on your competition.

It’s going to take a lot of time and effort on your part to start ranking higher in Google, while also reaching more audiences through social media. The most important thing is that you don’t give up and that you keep measuring your results for continued success!