New Zealand is an amazing destination to study or to do a language study trip! A distant island whose name Maori “Aotearoa” means “the country of the long white cloud”, the country offers an unequaled quality of life, a safe environment, magnificent landscapes, and a world-renowned education system. Going to New Zealand is the opportunity to gain a unique personal experience!

  1. Universities among the top 3% in the world

The top eight universities in New Zealand rank in the top 3% of the best universities in the world. The certificates obtained are therefore internationally recognized for their excellence.

  1. Quality teaching

The teaching follows the Anglo-Saxon model and is very practice-oriented. A week of classes usually consists of more or less 15 hours of classes and 15 hours of “personal” work. Theoretical courses are illustrated by practical cases to enable students to apply the knowledge acquired. Everything is done so that students have all the keys to continue their studies or enter the job market with confidence.

  1. PhD programs

If you want to do research, New Zealand should be one of the best options you can consider in terms of destination. You will be able to take advantage of locals at world-renowned universities and earn a degree that will make you stand out in the job market. In addition, access to PhD for an international student is easy compared to other countries. The price of the program will be the same whether you are a foreign student or not! Therefore, it’s really a good choice to apply for courses provided by universities in New Zealand.

  1. English courses

This makes sense, but it is important to emphasize the benefit of studying in an English-speaking country. Today more than ever, employers ask their employees to know how to speak English in different contexts (academic, professional, etc.). Studying in New Zealand is a good way to improve your English!

  1. Greeting Kiwis

New Zealanders are known for their friendliness, evaluated to be one of the most welcoming people in the world for several times. You will have no trouble integrating yourself into New Zealand life!

  1. Rich and varied cultures

What’s more exciting than discovering new cultures? In New Zealand, you will be served. With its rich history you will discover different cultures such as Maori culture.

  1. Breathtaking landscapes

New Zealand is home to a wide variety of landscapes on both islands. Between beautiful beaches, rugged mountains, volcanoes and glaciers, beautiful trips and beautiful adventures await you!

  1. Security and quality of life

New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries in the world! The quality of life in this country is very good whether you live in Auckland or Wellington or anywhere else. No doubt you will find the city that will suit you best for your studies!

  1. Opportunity to work

The New Zealand student visa allows you to work while studying. If you are enrolled in a Bachelor course, you can work for 20h during your weeks of classes and full time during the school holidays. If you study a Master or PhD course, you can work full time even during the weeks of classes. A very good way to earn money to cover your living expense! Another way to cover a part of your expenses is to rent out your stuff on, it’s a website specialized in peer-to-peer renting/hiring business of general goods.

If at the end of your studies in New Zealand you want to stay on the territory, you can apply for a special visa called Post Study Work Visa which allows to work for 1 to 3 years!

  1. Boost for your resume

In general, studying in New Zealand is great to your CV that will help you stand out in the eyes of employers! In this way, you can easily find a good job and have good career prospects.