Recent innovations in technology has made the flow of information more accessible. These way it has made student think outside the box and find way to cheat in an exam. The use of technology to cheat in recent time is not new and it is more accessible and easier to use compared to years back, especially in an academic environment.

Either using with high-tech equipment like camera eye wear, or listening to prerecorded MP3 files and so on. Nevertheless students are not allowed to cheat but due to the fact that the way this cheating exam devices are used, it has become so difficult to detect.


Listed below are the best cheat device methods that can be used in exams

The earpiece method

There are lots of companies that produce tiny ear buds worldwide, but the truth is very few of the product produced by this companies can work with such a wide range of applications. With GSM box with hidden micro earpiece to replace the mobile phone in the examination room, undetectable, which nobody can suspect, also works in every GSM network and answers automatically the call. It’s expensive, but if you really have to take an exam, it’s one of your best, access examdevices.

The Headset method

The headset method is the latest model of a wireless headset that adapts perfectly to your ear and is invisible even from a short distance. For example, the Micro Headset MC-200 has good sound quality, it can be easily inserted into your ear and it is pushed with a finger until it is no longer noticeable.

To cheat in an exam, you need a complete system. A complete system consists of a headset and an intermediate device that uses the phone, first the signal into a special signal to the headphone and wireless send to the headset in the transformation ear. This spy device can help students reduce the pressure for successful exams. It is so small that it takes into account all the points of a student and prevents them from being caught cheating.

Sound bug

Sound bug turns any surface into a speaker and can be connected to anything it wants. The Sound Bug will transform the electronic signals into mechanical energy once attached to a flat surface, vibrating the flat surface and emitting the sound.

The Bluetooth micro headset MC-2000 device is an example of this gadget. This cheating deice is one of the most powerful Bluetooth devices with a wireless color headphone. Any mobile phone that has an automatic answering machine function is compactible, you can’t get caught because it is very easy to use.

The spy camera method

The spy camera is an exclusive spy headset with unique features. The device is used to transfer live images from your mobile phone or computer that can send many photos, videos, and audio simultaneously without the need for cables. For example, the miniature button camera Px 700 from exam device. The device is tiny and can simply connect by simply clicking a button. In one second, pictures and videos with a very good picture quality will be sent to you and with these method you can easily get all the necessary details you need to pass your exam.

Data storage by calculator method

In most exams, students are usually allowed to bring their own calculator, at least in most western school systems in order to perform complex calculations or to provide graphical data, these elements are programmable.

In some cases, you can store text, formulas, or even pictures, so the device acts as a valuable stash for a cheater when it takes time to plan ahead. This method also works well if you don’t want to read for an exam.

Bluetooth pens method

You can talk completely freehand in two directions. These method connects to your mobile device and transmits phone information to a headset. The Bluetooth pen also works like a regular pen. You can talk to your accomplice asking questions from the exam papers through the microphone feature on the Bluetooth pen. These Bluetooth pen is very hard to notice as it is well designed to help you cheat in exam without getting caught.

Wireless headphones and microphones

These are tiny headphones used by students during exam, it can’t be seen by anyone because this device is very small when inserted in the ear. With this tiny device you can easily call if the supervisor is not close to you. The GSM box with Invisible Micro Earpiece device is an example of this gadget. This is the most advanced wireless system for cheating exams. It is recommended to use this system for important and demanding tests if you are not allowed to bring a mobile phone into the examination room.

Pocket PC, Palm and other personal digital assistants

This allows the remote transmission of information via infrared, Bluetooth or wireless Internet access (if available). Once connected, you have access to everything you’ve always wanted.

An example of this gadget is the mini button camera PX-100 device used for cheating during exam. This cheating device can help you to send exam questions to someone outside the exam hall in real, without you having to whisper the subjects during the exam to the person who will help you and who will send you the solutions. The mini video camera automatically transfers the pictures of the subjects to the person who helps you. Someone outside the exam hall must have a mobile phone to receive the live video you sent. More info here: