A good Point-of-Sale System takes all the hassle out of retail sales and its related processes. Here we take a brief look at the top 10 POS systems in 2018.


The Best Retail POS Systems

Retail POS Systems are evolving rapidly to keep up with technology and the changing customer behaviour associated with it. Sales are no longer confined to brick & mortar stores. Customers now shop online, in-store, through mobile phones and devices, and on social media shops. It becomes necessary to integrate all these sales channels to better track inventory and manage other aspects of a retail business.

With cloud computing, now even small retail businesses can afford the best Retail Point-of-Sale systems. You have a wide choice to pick from. Here we give you an overview of the ten best retail POS systems in 2018 (not ranked):


Square Point of Sale:

Square is a retail POS system that offers a basic plan that requires no monthly subscription. You can upgrade to higher plans as needed. It has great mobile selling features, you can sell and take payments on the go, in temporary shops, and in-store sales. It works with the iPad and Android front-ends. You can manage multiple locations and even track employee time. It also provides tools for extensive data analytics and reporting.


Revel Systems POS:

Revel POS is a good SMB solution with special features that make it an ideal POS system for the restaurant industry. It has a Mobile Order Taker feature to help speed up order processing. It also comes with a CRM module that tracks customer data and helps build great loyalty programs. It has good inventory management and analytical capabilities and integrates with QuickBooks.



ShopKeep is an iPad POS System whose main strength is its extensive inventory management function. With ShopKeep you can create any number of SKUs, set reorder points, set up tax rates. It supports its own and third-party credit card processing. It also integrates employee time tracking and payroll management, connects with e-commerce and accounting solutions, and provides 24/7 customer support.


Vend POS:

Vend is a cloud based POS which runs on Google Chrome. It has good inventory management, customer tracking, loyalty programs and other functionalities. This SMB POS supports omni-channel selling and integrates well with accounting and ecommerce systems. Vend POS really makes the checkout process a smooth and quick one, for both the sales clerk and the customer.


Shopify POS:

Shopify POS is based on Shopify’s full-fledged ecommerce platform. Shopify retail POS system makes multi channel integration much easier. Besides the checkout functions of a POS system, Shopify POS can track inventory, employee data, and customer information. It also automatically updates tax rates. It helps you accept split payments, handle refunds, and provides barcode support. Shopify provides its own payment processing service and also connects with several major third party credit card processors. You get 24/7 customer support through phone, chat, and email.


Bindo POS:

Bindo is a POS system with a rich set of features  – inventory management system, employee tracking, purchase order, CRM with loyalty program management and other functions. It has a database of more than 10 million products. If you just scan in a manufacturer’s barcode on a product, it will pull the related image, name, and description for that product. Bindo integrates with most of the leading credit card service providers.



The ERP in the name stands of Enterprise Resource Planning, so, this is a POS system with robust ERP capabilities. The POS system comes with Inventory, supply chain, CRM, and HR management, inbuilt accounting facilities, shipping support, and other backend features. ERPLY integrates with most of the major credit card service providers.


NCR Silver:

NCR Silver is a POS System with good back-end features. Besides running on iPad, NCR also offers a desktop interface called NCR Silver Quantum that runs on Android. It provides several back-end functions including inventory tracking, employee management, loyalty schemes, email marketing etc.


Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale:

This POS is based on Intuit QuickBooks’ solid foundation as a financial and accounting software. It comes with good inventory and employee management systems. As expected, it integrates with the accounting capabilities of Intuit QuickBooks to provide a range of retail accounting services like sales audit.


Lightspeed Retail POS:

Lightspeed Retail integrates different retail needs like inventory tracking, purchase orders, employee records, CRM, and good reporting capabilities. It connects with payment processors like izettle, Cayan, and Vantiv. Lightspeed provides 24/7 customer support.

Good retail POS systems go beyond recording sales. They track and manage several other functions like inventory, employee production time, stock levels, enable tracking and management of customer data, and more. The 10 retail POS systems described above provide the tools necessary to efficiently manage different aspects of your business.