What is a POS System

POS is a common abbreviations for Point Of Sale. These Point of Sale systems are basically checkpoints or stops for the customer to execute and pay for the goods and products bought from you. In this day and age, many businesses, cafes, restaurants and even home based businesses like to use POS systems. This is because Point of Sale systems are extremely efficient and help to keep the transactions in control and in order, all of which are secured. The components of a Point of Sale system are a combination of important softwares and hardware.

The two main software deployment methods are on premise and cloud based. Cloud based is often a much preferred option because you can use the Point of Sale system via the internet.

The hardware components always stay the same. It includes a register screen, barcode scanner, credit card reader, cash drawer and a receipt printer.

The Top 3 POS Systems


  • Loyverse

This Point Of Sale System is completely different as compared to any and many Point of Sale Systems. The system itself is completely free. It also contains a free loyalty program called Loyalty Ocean. The fee charged by Loyverse is very small and affordable. This Point of sale system can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices. It even provides you with a list of hardware which is compatible with the system which makes it easier for the person using it. To get the system up and running, signing up with Loyverse’s compatible payment processors is a must. Vantiv, SumUp or iZettle are the three processors available. All of them accept all kinds of credit cards including Apple pay. Loyverse also has a feature of barcode scanning using the mobile’s camera phone, multi location management and it can also work when the system is offline.

Another free Point of Sale system which is great for running restaurants or small café’s is the Kafe Live Point of Sale system. This system is completely free of cost and the company itself promises that Kafe Live will always remain free. Kafe Live POS system requires an internet connection to work, like every other POS systemDoesn’t natter if your internet is slow or not, you can still carry out commands and transactions. You can even work this POS system when you have no internet connection. The data will be synchronised when the system is online. You can add different types of specific and customisable commands to this system. It keeps calculating the tax with every transaction it processes.




  • Square

Using simple software, this POS system is also another completely free POS system. The good thing about this POS system is that you can customise the system according to your needs. Square is best run on Apple devices such as IPads. With a relatively low price tag, this system contains each and every thing a POS system usually has. It accepts all kinds of credit and debit cards, manages the inventory, tracks employee performance, etc.