While it has become easier to make purchases online, experiential retail helps keeping the brick and mortar retail stores alive. Although e-commerce has made shopping much easier, quicker, and convenient for the consumers, physical visits to the retail stores are still an important component for building brand loyalty. 

Here are the top three experiential retail trends that are that help retailers create enticing experiences in their physical stores. 

  1. Multi-Purpose Retail Spaces:

A multi-purpose retail space is the one that’s an event center, a café, and a shopping space at the same time. This trend works as it transforms the retail store into the community-building space that adds value to the lives of the visitors, inspiring them to open their wallets and reciprocate in a natural and organic way. 

  1. Insta-Worthy Hotspots:

Providing your visitors with a picturesque retail space or Insta-worthy hotspot makes them talk about your store. Your experiential retail should be seasonally-themed to provide the perfect photo booth for your visitors. A Well designed photo hotspot will help your brand enjoy all the marketing benefits of user-generated content. 

  1. Virtual and Augmented Reality:

These are the latest technological tools that help create experiences that visitors cannot get online or anywhere else. Therefore, virtual reality and augmented reality entice shoppers with something new and exciting.