It’s not a big deal that we all are found of photography and videos capturing. But what if this habit is utilized to earn money? Seems interesting, obviously yes. Now let’s interrogate how it is possible?

Every passing day proves that technology advancements are in the favor of humans in comfort and savings. The things we daily do as habits or hobby are now becoming the source of income these day. There are many websites on internet that helps you earn money by uploading videos.

So if you are a good video creator then you must look at these sites to earn from your talent.

  • Vimeo

Vimeo is the best ever website for earning money from your videos. You can sign in and create your profile on Vimeo. After making a profile you need to setup your channel. There you get full control of assigning arts and logos to names and descriptions.

You can also add video titles and subtitles and custom ads showing ability on videos. Vimeo pays you 90% of your videos subscribed by your fans. You can sell your content even outside the Vimeo and earn money from it.

  • YouTube

YouTube is the second best video sharing network enabling content creators to earn passive income from their videos. The advancement of using YouTube over Vimeo is that it is easier to use and setup for video channel.

Also you need to fulfill 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to get monetized. Mostly people buy YouTube views and likes to get monetized earlier because it may take the time of a whole year or many years to get monetized.

Once your channel get monetized, Google will start showing ads on your videos and you can earn from ad revenue which is 68% of total amount. YouTube is counted as easiest way of earning passive income. But now a days there are billions of channels. So getting monetized is little bit difficult.

  • Dailymotion

Dailymotion earning program have many similarities to YouTube Partner program. But the difference is that it provides 70% of total amount for each ad displayed on your videos. What it demands from you is getting ranked on Daily motion and upload videos daily.

Not only with partner program, but there is a plus point of Dailymotion which is renting out your videos. You can rent your videos to anyone outside Dailymotion or inside Dailymotion and earn money from them.