YouTube is a video sharing and entertainment platform using worldwide. Even there is no one who says that he or she is not known with YouTube. It was developed and released in market in December 15, 2005.

Since that day, it is developing and becoming more global day by day. There is no one benefit but a plethora of reason and advantages which lets people utilize YouTube for their variety of purposes. So today, our piece of writing is to bold some benefits which is making YouTube a global video sharing network these days.

A best source of global news

The first and foremost reason which makes YouTube a global video streaming network is world’s most approachable news medium. Now a days, where every country is planning to make others look down, the access to actual news is not possible.

Even our media houses and newspaper are getting corrupt and publish what they want to publish. In that case, the news and videos uploaded by local people are the actual reality which cannot be altered or false.

Also people throughout the world are now connected with each other on each news. They can comment on the videos they like and present their analysis. Even YouTube becomes the source to decrease hate between Pakistan and Indian public by raising reality to them.

The best source of income for jobless and handicap people

If you are a well internet exploring personality then you are aware of YouTube partner program. There is an open program which you can join and earn income from your content. You need 4000 watch hours in a year. Some people buy YouTube views to get monetization earlier.

Now a days, YouTube has largest database and covers millions of channel earning daily from their videos. The best ever thing which is currently encouraged and praised worldwide is their partner program helping jobless and handicap peoples.

There are many countries having low job rate and low education rate. Even in 2021, many countries are still left behind in the field of producing technology services and freelancers. Therefore, YouTube is becoming a free source of education for all those people.

In recent days, a couple both of them were handicap started a YouTube channel. Their vlogs and comedy videos attracted many people. They were jobless and even helpless to earn their livings. But YouTube helped them and now they are living a peaceful life by getting checks from their videos.

All these things makes YouTube a global video streaming network even in 2021.