Looking for SEO Friendly WordPress theme for your Website? Here are top 5 WordPress themes which are best in terms of SEO. Check out these SEO friendly themes for word press and pick the best one that suits your website.


MH Magazine

MH Magazine is a theme for WordPress that is specifically designed for websites. MH Magazine publishes a lot of written contents on daily basis. This WordPress theme is used in a professional manner to create decent layouts for a website. MH Magazine is fully optimized and a lot of people all over the world can access written contents on a website. The readers of MH Magazine always have an easy time to access the written content on a site.

On MH Magazine is highly advisable to use custom feature menu, and bespoke selection widget to create a quick avenue for the readers to read the written content in a quick way.  The WordPress theme usually gives the owners the opportunity of monetizing the website with a variety of adverts. MH Magazine offers a large number of location ads for quick displaying of the adverts, and alternatives of displaying ads within once archives and on the content.  This WordPress theme is highly optimized which enables any advert or any content on the website to go viral.


  • Easy Customizable
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Dedicated Support team
  • Suitable for Corporate Website


  • Very low Performance score


SEO Crawler

SEO Crawler is designed in a professional manner and customized highly by intelligent professionals’. After an individual installs the SEO Crawler theme the person has the freedom of choosing 3 complete featured website demonstrations. SEO Crawler has numerous specifications and features to assist the user to custom an awesome website. It has nineteen unique designs headers, an elaborate set of theme options and settings, Google integration Fonts, and 9 distinct layouts portfolio.

SEO Crawler user can make a website bespoke by not necessarily editing any code of the website.  The website working with an individual should take the shortest time possible to load with SEO Crawler theme.  SEO Crawler theme can connect comfortably with SEO Yoast, which is recognized as the topmost optimization engine for WordPress. When the SEO Crawler and the website are well blend they are responsive to any kind of a website. This theme is very popular among Cheap SEO Services providers because they can spend less money to get high quality SEO friendly Theme for their Client’s Website


  • Very good for on page SEO
  • A lot of built in Widget
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive


  • Very expensive for Corporate license


The Gem

 the Gem has been perfectly designed by the professionals to make sure the website rank faster on the first page of Google. The Gem particularly checks the positions in laying all the basics of an SEO website. The Gem WordPress theme is quite awesome because it is compatible with SEO Yoast.  It is SEO friendly which contains a lot of amazing features of desirable designs, choices, and lists.  The Gem WordPress theme is designed for a number of projects.  It is made for homepages for businesses, blogs, stores of ecommerce, and booking hotel websites.  The Gem WordPress can overcome any challenge of non-responsiveness.  It has an attractive selection to customize settings and options.  The Gem WordPress theme is inexpensive and very much affordable to purchase.


  • Creative Multi-Purpose
  • Extended features
  • Light Weight
  • Mobile friendly
  • Support all kind of Plugging


  • Need multi License for multi site



Pofo WordPress Theme

Pofo is a WordPress theme which has an amazing design. It has two hundred and ten pre-built demonstrations which make it be the darling of the most people nowadays. It has designs which encapsulate ecommerce stores, portfolios, blogs, and agencies.  Pofo WordPress theme requires a drag- and drop builder tool page which is excellently powerful.

Pofo has been designed by professional designers for customizer interface, offering the user a complete control over the visual adjustments settings.  When one clicks the touch button one can fully adjust the layouts, colors, and fonts of Pofo WordPress theme. Other features that make Pofo be highly desirable are widgets, custom sidebars, and integration options.


  • Last Update and bug fixed
  • Very well design
  • Light Weight
  • High Resolution
  • Widget Ready


  • Less easy to use

Genesis WordPress Theme

Genesis WordPress theme is fantastic to use. Its quick in loading items which has high responsive codes, super clean, and has page layouts which are user-friendly.  The websites which are built on this theme usually rank well in the engine search and gives positive feedback to the visitors who frequently visit the site. This is the best theme for SEO. I personally Know Some SEO providers who provide SEO Services for Small Business are recommend this them to their client.


  • Highest Rated theme
  • Allow multiple sites
  • High SEO Friendly Theme
  • Best Framework for Developer
  • Best Security
  • Very light weight
  • Mobile Friendly and responsive



  • Need Child Theme for every site
  • Extended license is very costly for Small business
  • Not Easy customizable