Top 5 Pest Control Tips for Healthy Living


Insects and pests can be a major inconvenience when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy home. The main issue that arises because of the pest interference in homes is their urine and faeces that clads bacteria around the house and causes infections, allergies and food poisoning. Besides the pests, rodents and odorous house ants, there is also the problem of termites that not only destroy the furniture, but also may spread to any wooden item in the house. It has been estimated by a U.S. based study that about more than five billion dollars go to structural repair of house hold items around the states every year because of damage caused by pests. The easy way is to implement pest avoidable tips and tricks. All pests differ in their qualities but like all living things, they require moisture and food. Following are some tips to avoid your home from turning into a pest shelter.


tip 1: Fill in the Gaps

Pests can go through tiny places and wiggle through all tiny spaces and gaps that are unattended. This is why, repairing and inspection of all cracks and gaps in the doors and windows should be thoroughly checked to avoid pest entry in the house. Sometimes, there are broken edges of windows and holes in doors that need to be fixed and repaired and are usually let go of. Repairing them will not only lessen pests in your home, but also make your home neater and dirt free. You can use different materials to get rid of the holes and cracks e.g. screen meshes.

Other than doors and windows, cracks and gaps can also be found in the foundation of the house, any missing roof parts or even in the wiring of the house. You can try to look for the maximum areas that need to be filled and seal them with metal covering, wood or any material that is not-so-easy to break through for pests. Some hard places to get to can be under the kitchen sink, in kitchen cabinets, under the refrigerator and even around the pipes outside your house as well.  Try to score covering up as much spaces and cracks as you could.


tip 2: Keep Your Home Neat and Clean

It is a common misconception that dirty homes are not survival friendly for pests. In fact, it is the other way around. Studies suggest that clean homes and clean bedrooms repel pests from finding shelter. The cleaner your home is, the less breed-able it is for pests and insects. In order to keep your clean, you need to keep check of the cleanliness of all points, i.e. yards, garages, lawn, and deck to check of any wastes or stagnant water that may be residing in the place. The best way to start is by sealing your garbage bags and putting away litter neatly and keeping your trash cans closed properly. Sometimes, trash throwing also creates a mess as some rubbish is spilled around the trash can; which is why you need o keep in check of the cleanliness of your trash can area as well, so the pests may not feed on the waste. Similarly, washing your toilets and washrooms, keeping your dustbins and trash can clean and sealed, keeping your laundry area and washrooms dry can avoid you a great deal of trouble from any pests.


tip 3: Reduce Clutter and Store Food Properly

Not solely can litter provide pests a quiet spot to grow, it’ll also conjointly cause you to give rise to an unavoidable pest nest. Keep boxes that are tightly sealed so that any pests that even come in may not grow or reproduce. Try to store your food by sealing it properly; If opened baggage and boxes can’t be utterly closed, the food ought to be place into a resealable bag or plastic box to stay from attracting pests that could cause trouble. Use older foods first and clean out stale or leftover foods to keep pests from inviting themselves in.

It is preferred if you store recyclables outside from your home. If this is often unattainable, make sure that all containers are completely rinsed which the bin features a tight lid. All usage and trash containers ought to be cleansed ofttimes. Discard newspapers and alternative things saved for usage.


tip 4: Professional Pest Control

In case the situation is too tough or getting out of hand with pests around your house, you need to contact for professional help. There are professional services that help you with pest control and can make inspections around the house in order to control the pest invasion. For this, you need to check up on good professional Calgary pest control services. You can always ask for their certificate and license, so they do not ruin our house and health with any health affecting pest sprays and medical treatments. They will help in spraying your furniture to save from termites and treating your home with medicine and special chemicals that will keep away the pests for good amount of time. Regular pest control Calgary sprays and chemicals need to be done around the house every once in a while, especially in humid places.


tip 5: Reduce Moisture

All pests require moisture to survive. Some pests, like mosquitoes, require standing water to get eggs and complete their life cycle. Different pests feed on water to break and weaken wood before they start building nests within the timber. This is why, plumbing ought to be checked often for leaky pipes. You must check the seals around your bathtubs and bathrooms. If the seal is recent and deteriorating, try getting it fixed immediately as soon as possible. Gutters are another supply of excess wet outside the house. Gutters ought to be freed from clogs with downspouts and properly cleaned to avoid any insects and pests from growing there. If the humidness in wood is simply too high, it should be settled by termites or wood destroying insects and plant life.

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