Replacement Windows – When To Get And Types


As long as you windows are clean you should not really notice them. The windows are going to let light into the house and make your home into your castle. The problem is you may notice that you can get condensation, drafts, or noises from the windows it may be time for an upgrade.


Why Replace Your Windows?

You will find that the new kitchen and bathroom sets you are installing in your home is not going to wow the new buyers as much as windows. One of the main things that new buyers are going to look for is going to be new window. The reason for this is you will find that the home window upgrade can easily cost up to ten grand for a three bedroom home for a basic window, with just a basic non-customized feature, which if you add in customization the price is going to skyrocket.


The best part is the new windows, if the proper ones are picked, are going to really increase the value of the home and the curb appeal as well.


How Do You Know If Your Windows Need Replaced?

If you are unsure if your home needs new windows here are some things. That you should take notice of according to window installation contractor, Lakeside Exteriors:


– Drafts

– Fogging or condensation

– Rotting or molding.

– Caulking that is cracked.


What To Know When You Buy A New Window

When you go to buy a new window you need to remember high and low. High is for the R value, which will help you know how much heat loss the window will have. Low is for the emissivity which is going to allow you to know how much of the heat the window will reflect to the warm side of the house (inside in winter, outside in summer).


What Options Do You Have When It Comes To Installing Windows?

You will have a couple of choices when it comes to getting new windows, retrofitting or completely taking out the frame and starting a new frame.


The retrofitting is the less expensive method, but the fresh installation is the more energy-efficient option. However, this rule of thumb is not always the case.


If you have a home that was built before 1950 you will want to make sure you consider replacing the windows. That is because you have older wood and this is going to be better than the newer wood frames that are being used. When you do retrofit the frames to the new low-E glass, you are going to notice that they do not have much difference when you go to replace the vinyl-framed windows. The difference, though, is going to be how the home looks from the curb. When you do upgrade, and get the higher sticker price windows, you will notice they are just not going to have the same charm as the older home windows. So if you rip out the older frame windows, then you could have some problems with the value of your home.


Does This Means You Cannot Get Energy Efficient Windows? No. A large number of studies have been completed in the past decade and they have all come to the same conclusion that they have very little difference between the new installation to the retrofitting windows as long as the windows are of the low-E variety.


Why Type Of Window Can I Get?

This is going to be fun. You will find that you are going to have a wide range of window options. Here are some of the common types you can buy:



These are the type that you are going to find that is going to swing in and operate with a crank, but they have a very tight seal when closed. This is a great choice if you cannot reach a place that is hard to reach or awkward.



These are going to have two sashes that move up and down. These are great for ventilation and will make a great style of your home and they are a popular option for the retrofit or an upgrade.



These are windows that are going to be large and fixed, but they can be flanked by casement or double hung windows. These are window that are going to let in a lot of light and give you great views – which when you have these in your home is going to increase the price as they are a great window to have. If you are using a picture window you need to remember these are going to not provide any ventilation benefits.



These are a large fixed window that is in the middle and will have a casement on either side, they are going to usually stick out from an outside wall and are a staple in the Victorian homes. If you are going to get a bay window, you need to talk to an engineer as you will need to get some additional support to your home.


What Else Do I Need To Know About Replacing Windows?

Quite a few people do not realize it, but in almost every city if you are getting a new window installed in the home or making a larger window you will need to get a building permit.

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