Top 5 Pests Which Ruin Your Summer Season!

Due to several factors when the weather begins to become hotter, insects and pests come out of their hidings to forge for their food.

Summer is the most common time to observe an increase in the pest activity and this makes summer particularly more difficult apart from dealing with unforgivingly hot weather.

So when in summer, you are out on the beaches and pools splashing around in the water or having backyard barbeques, the pests are headed towards your home to invade your private space. Following are the top five pest invaders found in the summer.



Summer welcomes one of the most dangerous pests, mosquitoes, the hot weather provides these deadly pests with the optimal conditions for their activities hence summer is the peak season for mosquitoes.

They are infamous for their stinging and annoying biting habits which result in itchy, red bumps all over the body.

Apart from being continuously bombarded by the mosquito bites in the summer, one thing many people are unaware of is how potentially dangerous they are.

They can act as the carrier of several diseases because of their ability to transfer diseases, few of these diseases include: Malaria, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis, West Nile virus and Dengue.

They are most active from dusk and dawn. They breed, lay eggs and mature on the standing still water or else they are incapable to breed.

And the most surprising fact about mosquitoes is that the perpetrator of all the annoying bites is the female mosquitoes and not the male mosquitoes.

So to prevent yourself from these deadly pests stay in door at dusk and dawn and make sure the standing water is not being used as the breeding ground for mosquitoes and keep your pools clean and chlorinated.



Ants are the most common invader of the houses during summers and though they are not that deadly but they are the first to call an exterminator.

Ants are drawn towards food and even the tiniest crumbs will draw ants to the site. They enter your homes from all the cracks and holes in your home’s exterior and they thrive in water sources in your homes. They vary in size, shape and sometimes even in color.

Ants differ in the damage they cause; some ants are preoccupied with inflicting painful stings while others are the potential damage causer of your homes.

One such example is that of carpenter ants, there are 24 species of carpenter ants, which are commonly seen to bore into wooden structures and buildings.

If the infestation of carpenter ants is in large number it can cause major structural damage. Controlling carpenter ants can be done by destroying the nests after locating them. They can be destroyed using indoor and outdoor pesticides.

Ants are constantly looking for food and will detect even the tiniest crumbs. So be sure to clean up any spills or crumbs immediately and remove your garbage on a regular basis.

It is important to seal all cracks and holes in your home’s exterior to ensure that ants have a harder time entering your home.

Eliminate all pooling water throughout your home because these water sources are vital to their survival.

Using Ant sprays and traps can be helpful, but to defeat the problem forever you need a professional to find the source and protect your perimeter.



Flies happen to be one of the most irritating and annoying pests in the summer. Different measures can be taken to prevent them from entering your home.

Firstly, home needs to be clean all the time. Disinfectants can be used to wipe all counters, taking out garbage regularly and storage of food should be well maintained, leftovers shouldn’t be kept out for longer period of time.

These are some of the measures that can help reduce the invasion of flies. Also, make sure to close doors, windows and vents at all times and use screens to further avoid the risk. Once all these measures are kept in mind and taken care of, flies will be easily controlled from entering and staying.



With increasing heat and warmth in the weather, ticks prove to be more of a problem. Ticks are dangerous because they have the potential to transfer the Lyme disease.

They can easily become rampant and that also makes them a deadly pest of the summer season. Joints, the heart and the nervous system are affected because of the Lyme disease if it goes untreated.

Long pants, long sleeved shirts and closed toe shoes help prevent the ticks attack and getting bitten by them when outdoors in tall grass or wooded area.

Trimming the grass helps a great deal also the bushes and the tress in the garden of your homes. If you want to enjoy an outdoor time without being a victim of this pest, wear a repellent that contains DEET in 20% of quantity.


Stinging Insects

Barbeque can be easily ruined by summer pests such as bees, yellow jackets, wasps, hornets and other stinging insects etc.

Wasps especially are carnivores and engage in eating a lot of insects. Wasps construct their nests between tress, under concrete steps and siding and under roofing as opposed to popular belief that they construct their nests up in the higher grounds.

It is important to make sure that no quantity of food is left out nearby a growing colony. Stinging insects play a major role in transferring half the million people to the emergency room every year.

In order to stay safe and prevent yourself from getting stung this summer certain measures can be taken like avoiding sweet smelling perfumes and it may me a common reflex but try not to swat at such insects.

Swatting can cause more aggressive reaction among such stinging insects. Always keep trashcans covered and remove all the garbage to reduce the likelihood of their presence.

If you are stung make sure you immediately get medical help as the reactions can be severe. Do not try taking down a hive on your own, always seek professional help because it can prove to be dangerous.

These are the top 5 pests that are seen to invade our lives in the summer season along with the hot weather that we have to bear with.

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