Egypt has always been one of the first travel destinations on anyone travel’s bucket list as the country is the home to an infinite number of Miracles & wonders.

The climate in Egypt is quite normal as it varies from very cold to Very hot all year long; the summer in Egypt is from June till September where temperature can reach 90 F (33 C) while in the winter the temperature can reach 64 F (18 C) from June till September that’s why most tourists chose to visit Egypt from September to April when the temperature is low as most Tourist can’t handle the heat .

All the days of Egypt shift from Hot and Cold while the nights are cool. The rain in Egypt is mostly focused on the humid area along the Mediterranean  Coast while in Cairo the annual rainfall is quite average and in the desert locations rainfall happens once in several years. Egypt is the home to some of the most beautiful destinations such as :



Hurghada is one of the most beautiful and tourist attraction destination in Egypt. It’s a resort town along the red sea coast stretching 60 km along the seashore. It’s a wonderful city for spending wonderful holidays due to its fantastic weather, warm and tropical throughout the year. It is filled with lot water sports activities like windsurfing, kitesurfing, parasailing, jet skis, yachts, scuba diving, and snorkeling. In case you are looking for yachts to rent in Miami, you should visit this yacht charter miami.

Hurghada is famous for having a magical marine life, filled with some of the finest coral reefs in the world in addition to the wonderful rare colorful fish. Hurghada is the ideal destination for the ultimate snorkeling or diving experience. There are adventure tours in the desert by quad-biking and Beach Baggy for a great distance in the desert. Hurghada is truly one of the best tourist attractions in the world as whatever you desire the city will surely have.

Also, while being in Hurghada you have the chance to visit the historical attractions of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, so that Tours From Hurghada one of the best travel agency located in Hurghada offer stunning Hurghada excursions, you can check them.


Sharm El Shiekh

Sharm El Sheikh is a magical resort in the Sinai Peninsula on the coast of the red sea, the meeting point of the el Aqaba and Suez Gulf. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Egypt Known for its pure and calm water, amazing nature sandy beaches, and a wonderful climate around the year, warm, dry and tropical in winter and mild temperatures & clear skies in summer, it is one of the finest diving places in the world due to the breathtaking underwater life filled with the beautiful coral reef and rare colorful fish exists in huge Quantity.


Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is a city on the western shore of the red sea, it’s located in 274 Km south of Hurghada. One of the best and famous resorts in the red sea Known for being the ideal spot for snorkeling and diving where beautiful coral reef and much colorful fish,  and turtles can be found. The beautiful climate of Marsa Alam is quite subtropical accompanied with can be found, which a common sight in Marsa Alam. When you dive, you will see underwater heavens like awesome marine wildlife such as octopuses and crocodile fish. It is no wonder the resort has seen a spike in its popularity rates as the best finest tourist destination in Egypt.



Dahab is a small town on the southeast coast of the Sinia Peninsula, 80 Km (50 Mi) northeast of Sharm el-Sheikh. Considered by many to the most treasured diving destinations of Sinia and the home of the water sports like Kitesurfing, snorkeling and the Deadly Blue Hole (The World’s Most Dangerous Diving Site). The climate of Dahab is dry, tropical even during the winter months. Dahab is also a perfect destination for Camel Riding, cycling, horse & camel riding, mountain biking, and quad bike trips. To be clear whatever you need, you will find in Dahab.


El Gouna

El Gouna is a resort located on the red sea coast 20 Km north of Hurghada famous for its mesmerizing beaches and awesome tropical climate which is nice in summer and warm in winter which makes it the perfect place for water sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing, water ski, parasailing, snorkeling, diving and many land sports such as beach volleyball, biking, football, horseback riding, tennis or any other and you can also explore the desert by quad safari. El Gouna is one of Egypt most tourist Attraction. El Gouna has a golf club where you can practice your favorite sport and enjoy the stunning mountains which end with a sea view.



Makadi Bay is a beautiful resort located 30 km south of is located on the red sea Riviera, stuck between the mountain range and the desert, famous for hypnotic white sand beaches and crystal blue water filled with exotic fish & breathtaking coral reefs .the climate is warm all year long and truly magical in the winter like the rest of the resorts of Hurghada.

A great destination for camel and horseback riding and in the proximity of the Immortal city of Luxor. It’s a hot spot for diving just like all the spots of Hurghada and home to the coolest Nightlife scene.