As per standard medical requirements, visit a dentist at least twice in a year. For the sensitiveness of dental check-ups, it is critical to have a credible dentist.

Information about most dentists is readily available from their websites, third- party review sites, and social media pages. But it is hard to rely on the information and know if you have the right dentist. Therefore, there are an array of factors that you need to look for before choosing the ideal specialist. They include;


The first indication that you have the right dentist is how organized he or she i.e. when you visit the clinic, the first sign comes from how clean and well arranged it is.

You can expect an excellent service if the dentist meets your appointment exactly as planned. Few other signs of good organisation skills include the ease and speed of storing and accessing patients’ databases. Good dental offices have systems that are fast and easy to update.

Recommendations from Previous Customers and Customers.

It is good to check online reviews of various dentists when choosing one. Most patients leave reviews on Facebook, or in review sites. You can also ask friends and family for referrals. Most recommendations from friends are accurate and reliable. Even exploring the web can help you get customer reviews say, for example, from Google listing page.

Attention to Detail and Good Listening Skills

The right dentist will ask a lot of questions to understand the exact situation of the problem. They will also request your previous medical files before making any medical conclusions. When you are talking, the right dentist will listen patiently and take notes.

The right dentist will also exhibit a complete understanding of his field when asked questions. For instance, with a patient requiring cosmetic dentistry, few basic questions that he can expect his dentist to ask are: any history with tooth sensitivity, how long after brushing the teeth you eat anything that is hot or cold,  have you ever had a root canal treatment, have you considered teeth cleaning with chemicals in the past etc…  A well-experienced dentist will impress the patient from the basic questions.

State of Hygiene

Dental treatment and procedures require very high hygiene standards. That means, right from the moment you enter a dental clinic, everything from wearing clean aprons, to providing clean tissues to the patient leaves an impact. Dental processes are sensitive. Therefore, all equipment must always be kept clean and sterilized. During dental procedures, the dentist is expected not to touch any other thing without having the gloves on. In case he wants to put down his equipment during the dental process, then it should be kept in a sterilized container only

State of Customer Service

Skilled dentists provide you with excellent service from the point of initial contact to the end. When you make a call to their offices, from how professionally they take your call, to completing the treatment, you can easily evaluate the level of skills your dentist has.

Excellent customer service is not only about the patient, it also co-relates with how well the staff at the clinic are treated .  An experienced dentist is expected to be soft-spoken and polite to his staff.

Your dentist should also have a good website and social media pages where you can book appointments online.


The right place to source for a dentist is near your residence. In case you need emergency services, you can quickly reach the dentist’s office. Your dentist should also be flexible .I.e. he should be available to attend emergency situations irrespective of the day and time.


Final Thoughts

Be cautious when selecting a dentist. There are many negligent and unprofessional medics in today’s medical industry. You also do not want the stress of changing your dental practitioner now and then. If you are patient and use this article as a guide, you will eventually get the right dentist.