Owing to an abundance of remarkable features, Egyptian cotton is known as the world’s finest and most resilient type of cotton. When it comes to having luxurious cotton bed linen, one can never go wrong with Egyptian bed sheets. The cotton is carefully handpicked so that the fibers remain intact from weaving.

The richness and luxuriousness of cotton bedding are determined by counting the number of thread count of a cotton bedsheet. The Egyptian cotton is acclaimed across the globe for being long-staple type, which weaves into very high thread count sheets.


Here are the top 6 reasons for getting Egyptian cotton bed sheets for your bedroom:


1. They are breathable

Now, many people break into night sweats or have trouble sleeping when it’s hot. Egyptian cotton bed sheets are breathable, allowing a smooth flow of air; so, you can remain cool while sleeping.

Pair your Egyptian cotton bedding with soft pillows, a soft mattress that is breathable, and you got yourself the perfect recipe for peaceful and relaxing slumber.


2. They are durable

If you take proper care of your cotton bedding, they will last much longer. As for Egyptian cotton bed sheets, they are designed to last longer with their tight weave of fibers.


3. They have the longest cotton staples

Egyptian cotton fibers are the longest ones among all cotton fibers. Long filaments are the best for making the finest and most comfortable cotton bedding that is not only soft but also possesses a sheen, unlike ordinary cotton bedsheets.


4. They deliver value

High-quality Egyptian cotton bed sheets are not particularly cheap. However, if you care for them in the right manner, say wash them weekly to remove dust and dirt, this cotton bedding can last for decades.


5. They have a higher thread count

When it comes to measuring the quality of a bedsheet, thread count is the ultimate scale. It refers to the number of threads woven together to create a single square inch. Egyptian cotton bed sheets have higher thread count and quality than other sheets because of their long staples.


6. They don’t trouble you with pilling

Sheets of lower quality or with lower thread counts have the problem of pilling. Egyptian cotton bed sheets are made from long stables. For this reason, they produce little or no lint at all. This makes pilling highly unlikely to appear on an Egyptian cotton bed sheet.



Here is a quick tip. Do not get scammed into getting a bed sheet that is labeled as Egyptian cotton bed sheet but isn’t. These sheets are 80% polyester and 20% Egyptian cotton. So, whenever you are looking for a genuine Egyptian cotton bed sheet, read the label and the product details first.

Egyptian cotton bed sheets should be 100% soft and feel luxurious as you touch them. If the label says cotton-rich, it means that the bed sheet contains cotton along with other synthetic materials.

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