Top 6 Tips To Clean Your Air Ducts This Summer

Air ducts, the ventilation passages in buildings, houses, infrastructures and other places like mines are used to maintain due ventilation and air circulation in the room. For fresh air to enter and exhaust air to release out of the room, air ducts are an essential equipment installed in most of the places. However, just like any other machinery and working mechanism, air ducts too need cleaning and a little bit of care. As, if they’re not cleaned properly and are left dirty and clogged, the air ventilation system in the room won’t work the proper way. And in that case, we all require a complete procedure to clean the air ducts properly.

Below are the top 6 tips you can use to make your air-ducts clean and good to go for best output, so let’s dive in:

1) Analyze Your HVAC System:

As the summer starts, we all tend to get cool air in our rooms. But just in case you don’t, have a look at the air duct firstly and look for the possible moldy grills and rust around the edges. Air ducts often tend to produce unusual noises and sounds if something like debris and old bits are stuck in them.  See if there is some hindrance and blockage in the way of air passage within the air duct. Check the entire heating, ventilating and air condition system. It will be easy for you to figure out that something’s wrong as the ventilation system will choke and you will feel suffocated in case of some blockage or issue.  This is when you’ll know that something is definitely wrong with your air duct. You need to completely check if everything is fine or not and scrutinize your air duct working thoroughly before you began with the actual process of cleaning the air duct.

2) Find Out the Blockage Problem:

There can be many reasons for moisture or dirt to accumulate in your air duct. Before starting the entire process of cleaning the air duct, you should try to figure out what is actually causing the problem. A lot of the times, the duct boot is broken which may cause the hot and humid summer air to condensate on your air duct. Sometimes, the insulation around the air duct is broken. The roof might have some leaks which might cause the air duct to gather water inside. You may have to fix this issue first and then head over to air duct cleaning service. Make sure the insulation around the air duct is fixed for better working of the HVAC system and cessation of condensation. Ensure that the gaps in the roof or attic are fixed so that the reasons for mold growth in the air duct don’t function.

3) Check for Pest Growth:

Most of the times, in case of dirt and debris collection in air ducts, a lot of rodents and pests like cockroaches start to live and multiply themselves by inordinate amounts. This causes a lot of air blockage and poor ventilation system in a room. So make sure the air duct is free from these pests. If you spray these pests away, their decaying remains may cause even more bacteria growth. This polluted and bacterial air might cause some respiratory diseases to your near and dear ones. Always consult a professional in this case to get rid of these pests.

4) Seek Professional Aid:

One can clean air ducts at home, by themselves at ease without bearing the hefty handyman costs. This is one of the cheapest ways to get your air ducts work well. But in this case, the household vacuum won’t be doing the job all by itself. You will have to rent a very heavy and a bit expensive vacuum cleaner with a longer hose for this purpose. But the catch is that, if you fail to keep up with the equipment propriety and can’t operate the entire system by yourself, you may not be able to clean your air ducts and might get in further trouble. The rodents and dust particles alongside mold might continue to block the air access to your room and you sit there, all helpless. In that case, you need a professional to do the job for you. You can always reach out to a good duct cleaning company to help you out without getting your brain cells eaten away.

5) Get the Best Value for Money:

Duct cleaning services can often charge you hefty amounts of money from $500 to $1000 for cleaning your air duct and air vents together, as a package. Make sure you contact the right company which gives you the best value for money and makes sure that your duct is pest-free, mold-free and delivers clean and cool air in the room. Don’t fall for baits around the town who make you believe that your air duct is at the worst ever condition and not getting it cleaned might cause health issues and harms to your family. First check for the minor fixable faults on your own. If you’re not able to fix the problem on your own, then look for the best value for money. Get earth-friendly air duct cleaning to get the best service by certified professionals at a reasonable cost.

6) Check the Results:

Once the company does its job and now you have your air ducts cleaned, make sure you keep checking the quality thoroughly. See if your complains and problems have been taken into consideration or not. Make a comparison between the quality you had before and the quality you have now. Look for any fault or mistakes. Contact the company again to get compensation. Give your feedback to them, so that they can get better at their job and you can get the best value for the price you paid to get your air-duct cleaned.


If you’re struggling to get cooler and cleaner air, follow these tips to get your air duct working at its finest.