Top 7 Apps for Watching Live Streaming Content On Your Mobile Devices

It is nearly impossible to imagine life without live streaming at the current times. This was not the case in the early 2000s when the use of internet was not yet widely spread and cable ruled as far as getting TV content was concerned. But time changes, and gone are the days when your television was the only place you had for catching up with your favorite shows, and once a show passed, you had no way of watching it again unless you purchased its DVD. But thanks to the internet, and the proliferation of live streaming apps such as Putlocker, you now have total control on when, how and what to watch. If you don’t have the budget for premium streaming services like Netflix, you might want to Download these free movie apps. I have tested most of these applications myself on my Pixel 3 and found that they work flawlessly. However, they show ads from time to time.

With an increase in demand for unique and original content, especially from the millennials, the number of apps for watching live streaming content has gone up considerably. This is to satisfy the increasing demand for quality content amongst the growing number of users who now prefer to catch up with all their entertainment online.

Whether it is movies, news programs, television series or documentaries, more and more people tend to love the versatility brought by the streaming apps such that they can access their favorite content whenever and wherever they please. To help that happen, there are a myriad of live streaming apps and here is a brief look at some of the top ones for streaming content on mobile devices:


Netflix needs no introducing when it comes to watching live streaming content on mobile devices. It is a platform that is well known for the famous “Netflix original shows,” and other incredibly popular television shows such as Breaking Bad and Sherlock. With a subscription, users can unlock unlimited television shows and movies and this is why it is a very popular platform for those who want to binge watch.

There are several benefits that come with having the Netflix app in your mobile devices. Other than the versatility to access a humongous number of shows and series, the app updates new television shows and series on a regular basis, and the content you find on the app is available in almost every known language. The other features include:

  • Watch as many movies and TV episodes as you want and as often as you wish
  • Browse thousands of titles and episodes added on a regular basis
  • Give ratings to your favorite movies and shows
  • Start watching a show in one device and resume watching in another device

These are some of the subtle features that have clearly set Netflix apart from other streaming apps.


Amazon Prime

The Amazon Prime App for both android and iOS devices have over 50 million downloads, and this just a humble indication at just how popular the apps are. Amazon joined the fray of online streaming and caused immediately disruption by the kind of quality shows they availed to the subscribers. It made it extremely easy for users to not only stream, but also download their favorite television series and movies and since it came at a time when only Netflix called the shots and people needed a worthy alternative, it has remained to be one of the most preferred apps for watching live streaming content on mobile devices.

Other than Amazon Prime availing very good shows with excellent live streaming experience, it also provides additional information about the shows and the actors so that users can fully follow along and immerse themselves in the streaming experience. For example, Amazon Prime will show you the IMDB ratings of the show, information on the casts and the trivia related to the shows or movies being watched. Subscription for Amazon Prime is available for both monthly and annual options, thus adding more versatility to how users want to choose to subscribe to the services.


Hulu: Stream TV, Movies & More

The Hulu mobile app is available to both iOS and android users, and with it comes the capability for the users to enjoy all their TV streaming experience in one place, and with the ability to personalize the experience for the ultimate viewing experience.

The app allows users to choose a plan that features Hulu’s entire streaming library or one that contains the entire library as well more than 50 additional on-demand and live channels. As such, the app’s user will have enviable access to both present and past seasons from most of the popular shows exclusive to Hulu. Some of the notable shows users will love streaming with the app include South Park and Fear, the Walking Dead, Fargo and Seinfield.

Some of the Live and On Demand channels Hulu gives access to include: ESPN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, TNT, and History Channel amongst others. With it also comes the ability to watch live sports, including those from top college and pro leagues. Needless to say, users will also stream live local and national news, popular kids’ shows, documentaries, feature series and much more.


IMDB Movies & TV

There is no doubt that IMDB is the leading and authoritative source for information on movies, celebrities and television shows. With the IMDB apps, you won’t just access to current and genuine information on your entertainment segments, but it give you the power to live stream television series, movies and other shows right from the palm of your hands. But it is important to point out that this is not a full video streaming service and you will not find full length TV shows and movies in the app. However, it gives you access to a great deal of information, about the shows and the movies you would like to follow on. Additionally, it allows you to:

  • Watch movie trivia and goofs
  • Search a database of more than five million movies and TV shows
  • Get complete event coverage from Emmys, Oscars, and film festivals amongst others
  • Watch reviews and previews of the most popular movies and television shows
  • Get notifications for breaking news and latest trailers of your favorite movies and TV series.


Tubi – Free Movies and TV Shows

There is nothing as refreshing as knowing that you don’t need to pay to have access to unlimited free live TV streaming, and the Tubi TV app is here to ensure just that. This is the apps you need to watch thousands of hit television series and movies legally for free. It is the largest free streaming service where you can watch what you want, when you want, and with very limited ads showing compared to the normal TVs. Its range of content is also humongous to ensure that the entertainment needs for every individual is well taken care of. Whether you are interested in kids’ drama, Korean drama, documentaries, British TV series, anime or comedy, you can be sure that there is something for everyone with Tubi TV.

Other than availing a huge library of content as well as live TV, Tubi TV comes with additional sets of features that completely sets it apart from most of the apps for watching live streaming content on mobile devices. Some of these features include:

  • Ability to watch movies and TV series in full HD
  • New movies and series are added on a weekly basis
  • It supports multi device syncing – start watching in one device and resume on another device
  • Ability to watch movies and series on the bid screen with the help of AirPlay or Chromecast


SnagFilms – Watch Free Movies

With SnagFilms mobile apps, to free full-length movies and television series streamed directly to your iOS and android mobile devices. It has over 5000 independent documentaries, movies and television shows. The content is well arranged according to various categories and genres, and all you have to do is search for your content based on it type. These include adventure films, comedy, documentaries, horror, Sci-Fi, drama, erotic thrillers, action and romance amongst others. You will also find a great deal of foreign language content, kid’s programming, full episode television series, original comedies, and special interest content such biographies of famous personalities and notable celebrities.

With SnagFilms mobile app, you get to:

  • Watch your favorite shows on your mobile devices, your TV, or Google or android TV
  • Add shows and films to a queue for later watching
  • Access to over 17 movies and TV series categories
  • Search and sort movies according to run time, topics and genres


HBO Now: Stream TV & Movies

With the HBO Now app, users now have the ability to watch the big premiers the moment they air and also watch every episode of the addictive series that HBO are known for. Remember, this is the home to hit TV shows such as Insecure, Ballers and Game of Thrones.

Other than getting accessing to new movies and series every week, the app also avails smart talk shows, news, comedy specials, inspiring documentaries and special events that could be making headlines in different parts of the world.

You must, however, not that HBO app is available as a paid subscription, though every user has a 14-day free trial period before their start paying monthly subscriptions of $14.99. The app is also accessible only in the United States and territories of the United States, and this implies that if you are out of such regions, then you may not benefit from the app. However, there are other alternatives, and the fact that it is geo-locked should not hinder you from enjoying live streaming content on your mobile devices.


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