Why you need to opt for a security plug-in for your WordPress site

Under any unfortunate circumstances, if a security breakout takes place on your website, it can result in serious consequences. This is because the hackers steal the information and data of your clients or customers, which is a serious downfall for not only them, but to your business as well. In case your own WordPress site is compromised, you may lose all your data and access, and might even get locked out or deleted entirely. Not only is this a huge setback to your hard work, but it also but it also drowns your SEO ranking and reputation of the brand.

This is why protecting your WordPress site should be on the top of your priority list. And not only that, you should ensure the installation of security plugins. The security plugins help you a great deal regarding the modifying, enhancement and strengthening of the WordPress security as well as also blocking any external attacks to your website. In case you are new this field of the technology, web design Geelong can assist you in designing sites.


1. MalCare

MalCare provides one of the best security plug-ins for WordPress, offering layered security option and focusing on finding and deleting any hidden or secret malware that may have poured in accidentally. There is no error of false positives, and the service is genuine. MalCare provides Firewall that blocks all bad or poisonous servers and IPs, which may be making any malicious login attempts to breach your security. It also consists of a powerful scanner that can find the complex most hidden malware by working on its own; and not utilizing any of your given server resources. MalCare offers client reporting facility as well as white-labelling option which is very helpful in managing websites.


2. WordFence

Word Fence is renowned for its excellent security plugins for WordPress and have gained a remarkable ratio of popularity globally with millions of followers which are growing day by day. Its live traffic view allows you to track the traffic updates of your site in exact real time and any hack attempts made on your website. Word fence is compatible among multiple sites and also offers mobile sign in option. This authentication prevents your website from any external attacks. It also blocks entire malicious networks that can be a threat to your website. Because of its excellent features, it is also used by militaries and even the government officials.


3. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security may be a security plugin that is free of cost and is available for all WordPress users. Although you may experience that it doe not provide you with the multiple range of features, , however it works as effectively as any other effective security plug-in. The Sucuri Security Plugin provides a wide net of safety measures that embody all the critical information and data you need to save. You can use this to keep tabs on any of the activities on your web site in order for it to stay safe. Sucuri’s malware scanning and checking is one of the best that can found in any plug-ins. Sucuri Security has an organized guide in case your account is hacked, and helps you to get through the method of recovering the information in case you face an unfortunate attack.


4. iThemes Security

iThemes all in all restricts the users from accessing your site to those servers who have already breached security of alternative websites. This kind of protection is not only smart but useful as well, and it also resists from any harsh external attacks. iThemes scans and reports the information processing addresses of unsuccessful logins and blocks them so that your web site is safe as secure. It scans your website to report any hidden malicious files and malware that may cause trouble, and fixes them in just an instant. iThemes sets up a barrier against the alternative server hosts, any robots and agents that could destroy your website. iThemes strengthens the security of your server and compulsively forces you to set up strong passcodes for all your accounts and sites.


5. WP Antivirus Site Protection

WP plugin is highly regarded for its protection that it provides in the cloud security world, that is removing malicious viruses and any hidden risky codes. WP Antivirus website Protection saves you from the different types of viruses including the famous and dreadful trojan horses, hidden files, worms, spyware, fraud links etc. The plugin observes your theme files that are present on your WordPress site.  It scans over and repeatedly carries out checks on the website till it finds any loopholes that could result in a chaos in terms of your website. The information about your WordPress site is regularly updated in the WP plugin so that your site does not lack any security measures that could disrupt your site.


6. Vaultpress

VaultPress is one of the most accurate and efficient security plugins that offer you regular and timeless scanning facility for your files on the site. The plugin is excellent for backing up files, which is commonly not given importance to these days. Backing up of files, media, content etc. is important as it stores the entire hard work you have committed in the past, so in case your site is attacked, you don’t lose your content. No matter what security plugin you are using, your site will never be completely secure which is why backups are a smart way to save and secure your data.


7. VIP Scanner

VIP scanner is an all inclusive security plugin that not only scans all your files on the site, but also checks for any loopholes in the security and treats it as well. The loopholes are deadly to your site as they may result in any malware or risky viruses.The plugin works effectively on the WordPress sites, thus allowing you to break free of the worry of your site being breached. For assistance in terms of setting up security plugins and what to choose, web design Geelong offers a variety of services to help you.