As a digital marketing agency, it’s part of your job to generate content that goes above and beyond to serve your client’s purpose. Since quality is paramount, there’s hardly any time left for the other important tasks, like attracting new clients.

To tackle this dilemma (and it shouldn’t come as a surprise), many agencies prefer outsourcing their digital content to other professional teams that specialize in a particular digital medium (say, written or video content). These professional teams constitute the “White Label Agencies.” But, to get a clear picture of what a white label agency is, it is imperative to understand how they function.


What Are White Label Agencies ?

A White label agency is like any other agency with the exception that they don’t ask for or get any credit for their services. White label products, for instance, are the ones that are manufactured by one company and packaged and sold by another.

Say, your digital marketing agency can’t specialize in all forms of media. In that case, outsourcing to another firm for specific gigs is quite a practical approach to meet your deadlines.

Take Google, for example. They employ thousands of people, but their Adwords division is too huge to be handled by an in-house team. Hence, they outsource Adwords Email support, and the same goes for countless other companies.

You no longer have to be worried about whether your team is capable enough or can complete a task before its deadline, and what’s more, is that your brand gets the credit. A White label agency, having shared your load, will give you the freedom to focus on your client relations, all the while having peace of mind that your back-end job is in capable hands.

The benefits of outsourcing are immense and can change the entire outlook in terms of the way your enterprise functions. With your team focusing on where their skills really lie, they’ll be able to perform at work with more efficiency.

While the benefits are countless, there are a few common myths surrounding White Label Services. Let’s deal with these misconceptions.


Debunking 5 Common Prejudices Surrounding White Label Agencies

  1. You may lose out on credibility

Many business owners think that their credibility will be in question if they hire White Label Agency Services, and while that may seem like it on the surface, the truth stands in its stark contrast.

The biggest advantage with White label agencies is that you can enhance your brand value while earning credibility. What these agencies offer is integrated from end to end, and you have the full privileges to brand them as you like. This becomes all the more within reach as you, as a business, have the time to come up with a strategy to brand your material.

While your outsourced tasks are being taken care of, you can lay the ground for creating buyer personas, committing to keyword research, and analyzing your client’s competitors.

  1. They are synonymous with Freelancing

Again, a common misconception. Research by Upwork suggests that almost 57 million people are freelancing in the USA! That’s almost 36% of their entire workforce. With that data, it’s easy to confuse a white label agency with freelancers when, in reality, they reign two entirely different realms.

But suppose you have a project which you’d like to outsource and want it to be delivered on time with the guarantee that they remain compliant to the non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Would you go ahead with a freelancer who has no credibility or may abandon your project at the eleventh hour?

White label agencies are the more mature and professional counterparts of freelancers. All your follow-ups are acknowledged in real-time, and if you spend enough time with them, they can prove to be trustworthy for the long-term.

  1. Businesses lose their focus

Businesses considering White label Services are often in a dilemma owing to one more misconception. They believe that outsourcing will draw all their attention in one direction, which will leave their teams all high and dry.

But the reality is far from it. You should be outsourcing if your primary goal is to focus more on your core projects and in-house teams. The moment you decide to expand your business, it will demand more of your attention in terms of developing and maintaining client relationships.

As a business with forward-thinking, you should capitalize on the existing solutions and expand where your prospects lie.

  1. You may lose out on clients

White label agencies indirectly depend on your client relations to earn their bread. In that sense, you losing on your client implies them losing on their client. With that mindset, they will be on their toes to provide you with the best service as anyone else in their domain.

Moreover, if you task your own team to handle your clients’ project, there’s a good chance that you’ll be delayed if your team has little experience in that particular field. But if you decide to outsource, for a White label agency, that task might be another day at work.

  1. It may cost you an arm and a leg

No, that’s not the truth. If you factor in all places where you’ll be investing resources for your client’s project, say, the one who asks you to build a blockchain-based supply chain system, you’ll be saving weeks if not months and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on training your technical team.

But that’s just an example. Every now and then, you’ll find clients that have very specific requirements, which will make it impractical for your team. But since you don’t want to lose out, the only practical approach here is to find a professional team to take over a specific project that your team isn’t trained to take on.

It’s like running a back office to handle your clients’ projects while you can work on other more visionary aspects of expanding your business. Moreover, these agencies can strike you a great bargain if you stick with them for long enough.



All in all, the prejudices mentioned above are formed in the minds of businesses out of ill-informed ideas and badly formed assumptions. White label agencies are professional teams dedicated to providing their white label services while saving you time and money and allowing you to focus on more pressing issues. If you have a small team that can’t cover all the corners, it’s best to place them where they can perform best and outsource someone who knows their job from inside out.