The government is becoming more efficient at making taxpayers aware of their responsibilities. You are required to file your return by April 15. With that deadline in mind, you must work towards tax returns wisely. It is good to know that there are several ways to handle the process of filing your tax return quickly and conveniently.

And, it can be done without the need to buy any expensive software, spend hours in line at the post office, or wrestle with the IRS servers when trying to submit your tax returns online.

According to reports, the global tax software market is projected to surpass a valuation of $ 33.6 billion by the end of 2030.

Here are some essential questions that you can ask to find out the best online tax service before handing over the control of your taxes. Being informed will protect you from being scammed and help you become knowledgeable about the tax services and how they function.


Did You Receive Your Degree in Accounting or Law?

Before the tax code was standardized in 1954, there were numerous versions. The more qualified your online preparer is, the more you can trust that they know the entire tax law to help reduce your taxable income or find deductions you didn’t even know existed.


Do You Have A CPA On Staff?

If a tax service has a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) on staff, they are more likely to file your taxes and identify deductions accurately. CPAs have a vast knowledge of tax law, and they know how to get you the best deductions.


Do You Use a Double-Check System?

A reputable company will allow you to view all of your information before submitting it and provide a chance to double-check it. Knowing what exemptions and deductions you are entitled to should include information on child tax credits, dependency exemptions, education credit, standard deduction, etc.


Do You Offer Any Discounts?

You do not have to pay the total price for the best online tax service. Be wary of companies that overprice their services just before the deadline.


If you find a company with reasonable prices throughout the year and offers discounts for early birds or multiple returns filed at once, chances are they are very confident in their services and are reliable players.


Do You Charge by Form?

Some companies will only tell you how much each form or schedule is worth but not the total cost you will have to pay until they have completed your tax returns. It is a bit more of a risk, so if you do not have enough money saved up for all of your taxes, this might cause more stress than necessary.


Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Some companies that offer free services will also try to sneak in fees for expensive forms that may or may not be required. You should know about this so you can keep an eye on exactly how much you pay for their services.


Is Your Information Secure? How Do They Store Client Data?

Before you hand over any personal or financial information, ask your preparer how they plan to keep it safe. You would be surprised how many tax services store all their knowledge on a personal computer rather than a secure server that meets industry standards.


Do They Have a License in Your State?

Just because a company does business in your state does not mean they are licensed to do so. You can check with your state’s Board of Accountancy or Secretary of State to confirm whether the tax service you are looking into is appropriately licensed or not.



Do You Offer Guarantees?

A reputable tax service will offer a money-back guarantee if they make a mistake or if they miss something on your return.