Why do youtube views freeze?

This is a long-known system of checking against fraud. When the video is just starting to be viewed, the program quickly counts the number of views. But if the video starts to be watched en masse, then they begin to check whether the author is screwing up the views in order to get more money for the monetized video. In January 2018, the viewing accounting system changed somewhat. This led to jumps in the number of views. In this case, the numbers do not freeze, as it was before, but begin to jump. At the same time, the number of views can increase and then decrease without any manipulation on the part of the author. Youtube recognizes this as quite normal. Therefore, do not worry if people are watching the video, and the number of views is not growing or is growing too slowly.

It happens. The video can gain a large number of views, but the figure does not change in the viewing statistics. This is not uncommon. This can happen if there was a sharp jump in views, if the video quickly gained a large number of them. The system of protection against cheating, as it were, puts such a video on notice and sends it for verification. For this reason, you should consider buying youtube views only from a reliable provider like top4smm.com. The sharper the jump, the longer this check can last, and the statistics of views do not change and show the same figure or change slightly. You should not panic, if you wait a little, then the usual growth in views of your video will resume.

The situation with stopping the counter of video views on YouTube is quite common. It is caused by a sharp surge in activity and an increase in the number of viewers per unit of time. At the same time, YouTube records such events and begins checking users from the list of viewers of the video file. This is how the fight against cheating takes place. When the check is over, the page view counter will continue to work normally.

You can earn good money on YouTube, but only if you work honestly. On this service there is a reliable system against fraud in order to obtain illegal income. Therefore, at first the system counts evenly, but if the number of views increases rapidly, the system starts checking. And its progress slows down. So if you see these slowdowns in the calculation, but everything is clean and honest with you, you should not worry.