Da Nang is Vietnam’s fifth largest city which has been developed recently to turn into one of most attractive destinations in the country. This is because of the dire combination of scenic beauty, nightlife and beach to enjoy a luxury yet exciting time while you are in Vietnam; whether tourist or not. Da Nang is impressively cosmopolitan and is paved with stylish restaurants and bars which are the most happening thing at night. Apart from that, you can ease your senses with the captivating scenes of nature with and white sand beaches.  Following are the top ten things to do in Da Nang.


1.    Waterfront Bar

Waterfront is one of the most famous local places in terms of local and international food that serve quality food along with the best beverage varieties. It is situated along with the Han River, which makes it a beautiful eatery to sit and relax; enjoy the cool breeze with the food. Waterfront is crafted with stylish interior, an elegant dining room and a cocktail bar on its ground floor to suit all requests, at all times.


2.   The Hai Van Pass

‘Hai Van’ roughly translates to ocean cloud; and is a long pass that stretches to almost 21 kilometres and is one of the longest passes in the country. This destination in Vietnam is enjoyable on motorbike especially, so you can enjoy the ocean views after long and hard driving. But this pass is relatively way easier to go through as compared to the hard routes ahead. This is actually an adventure for the adrenaline pumped people who like to take challenges and especially for experienced riders. For this adventure, motorbikes can be rented easily from any nearby hotels.


3.   Museum of Cham Sculpture

The Museum of Cham Sculpture is dedicated to preservation of the culture and art of the Old Vietnam Cham that was present centuries ago. This is very close to Da Nang, with a distance of only forty kilometres so you can visit it to witness the beautiful history and culture. The museum is situated in a beautiful building giving hints of the colonial era; so, it gives you the complete knowledge about the history of Vietnam and a better understanding of the region and culture.


4.   Famous Tacos of Da Nang

One of the famous food specialties of Vietnam include the Tacos. These are not regular tacos but filled with special sauces and ingredients giving hints of Mexican specialty. There are a number of taco spots close to it, but there is only one famous which sits in a quiet setting in the 33 Dam Rong street. This will not only be reasonable and cheap for you to eat, but also because it is a mixture of Vietnamese and Mexican essence to give you the perfect tacos.



5.   Hoi An Old Town

Hai Old Town is a historic place that is located near to Da Nang at just a distance of thirty kilometres. This charming city was an active port centuries ago in the past, and currently it’s one in every of Vietnam’s most well-liked tourer destinations. For a begin, most of the previous city is restricted to pedestrians, which means guests don’t have to upset Vietnam’s chaotic traffic. Crowds here are less thick, however the gorgeous, healthy design and native delicacies like chicken rice and cao lau make this a worthy place and one of the top ten things to do in Da Nang.


6.   Seven Bridges Brewing Taproom

A beautiful craft brewage bar close to the dynasty stream, that includes delicious brews and nice views of Nang’s skyline and painting bridges. Vietnam’s domestic mass-market beers, like Tiger and Ho Chi Minh City Special, are splendidly low cost here with a lot of punch, which compels you to definitely visit a craft brewage bar like seven Bridges.


7.   Mi Quang 1A

Don’t expect something fancy at this commonplace native eatery even though plastic chairs and stainless-steel tables dominate the decoration. Mi Quang may be a noodle dish that originated from the province encompassing prosecutor Nang, and it’s exhausting to urge additional authentic than this. prosecutor Nang is home to some nice international restaurants; however Vietnamese food is vastly widespread worldwide permanently reason, and Mi Quang may be a must-try once you’re during this a part of the country.


8.   A La Carte Hotel Rooftop Bar

A spacious bar and building perked atop the slick A La bill edifice, with an eternity pool thrown in to create the perfect scene for tourists and local people. A La Carte Hotel Rooftop Bar is one of the most exciting of the top ten things to do in Da Nang. The in-depth drinks menu has one thing for everybody, whereas the food choices embody a large vary of Italian and Asian dishes. this is often one in all the premier spots in district attorney Nang for a complicated night out, in the midst of sweeping views of the city’s growing skyline, the Han dynasty watercourse, Son Tra solid ground and South China ocean.


9.   My Khe Beach

A huge, sweeping stretch of sand right beside Da Nang’s sill, My Khe is one amongst the foremost simply accessible and delightful public beaches around. This space illustrates why town is therefore widespread, as you’ll go from downtown high-rises to beach walking on air in a very matter of minutes. My Khe’s size means that it’s seldom huddled, although late within the afternoon because the sun starts to line it will get busier.


10.  Luna Pub

Da Nang’s nightlife scene remains relatively less exciting from Hanoi’s, but Roman deity gin mill wouldn’t look out of place in either of these metropolises. This airy, good-time bar and building may be a mainstay of nights out. Roman deity may be a great spot to fulfil up with friends or create new ones over nice drinks and delicious Italian food and burgers. Live music is usually command also, creating this a delightful and entertaining place than ever.