For people who own businesses whether big or small, software developers around the world, application developers, graphic designers, and so many other people who require free stock images to utilize them for different purposes, there is a variety of options in terms of sources for the images. Unless you can use your best research tactics to find out the best free sites that offer stock images, we have compiled here the best sources for free and quality images that can provide you with best images. In case you want to do reverse image search to find the source of an open-source image, you can visit this site.

You might be wondering how these sites offer you quality images and just for free? The answer lies in the Creative Commons Zero License. This license gives the liberty to the person who owns the image to make it available for public and shifts all of his rights to the world. This liberty of rights by the person him/herself gives you the permission to use the images commercially or personally without defining credits, paying for the image etc. It even gives you the freedom to edit and copy the images freely!


1.     Superfamous

Superfamous is popular in terms of getting quality images of nature, technology, architecture and abstract art in close-ups or aerial views. You can find all these images on the site and use them for free, but this particular website does not fall under the xero license. Superfamous requires giving credit – so you could be legally charged for using the pictures as own. One way of giving credit could be using pictures with their watermark.


2.    Gratisography

Gratisography is one of the most favourite sources among people. This is because of the amazing archive of images they offer, giving you professional artistic images which you can even utilize for your projects. Gratisography updates their website every once in a while, and every week the website is added with more and more quality images. This website works freely, and you can use the images free of worries, without the responsibility of giving credit, or paying for the images.


3.    Pexels

Pexels is a site full of thousands and thousands of images. This collection didn’t just spring in a day, the thing is that this site adds about 10 images every single day. Pexels allows its users to use the images freely and even distribute them without any copyright issues making it a personal as well as commercial favourite in the market. This source provides the ease of image categories to people which makes their exploring process a lot easier. With 10 new images every day, Pexels guarantees its users to add about 3600 new images every year, making it one of the biggest stock image source sites!


4.    Unsplash

Unsplash is another one of the sources for getting beautiful images  as well as wallpapers for free. It also adds 10 new images on a daily basis, and also sends the images directly to your inbox, isn’t that great? All the images available on unsplash are captured by talented artists and photographers from diverse backgrounds, so the pictures on the site vary as well. You can use the images on the site under the zero license, so there is no need to worry about the details. The images from this site are popularly used for blogs around the world.

5. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the most amazing sources for beautiful images. With over a collection of 500,000 free images, art, HD backgrounds and illustrations, Pixabay leaves no chance to disappoint you on their site. The images form this source can be used for commercial application as well, and there is no need to go into details for the digital or printed form of images, as they are completely free. Like some other sources, Pixabay categorizes its images under different titles for easy browsing such as paintings, architecture, animals, landscapes etc.


6. Flickr

You must have heard of Flickr, and its popularity as the best image hosting platform. Flickr hasn’t earned its reputation in a day, and it is only because of the 1000 Gb of free storage it provides. There consists about millions of high-quality free images. Flickr has eight different license categories! This distinguishes the images into royalty free or sometimes credited pictures. In case you want free images, you can explore under the Free Use Photos category.


7. Picography

Picography is a classic site that is very simple in its ways. There are no categories of images, you can simply just go through the gallery and look for your desired images or HD wallpapers. Picography consists of an excellent collection of photos from expert photographers, and this collection is updated every once in a while. All the images on this site are free, but the images cannot be used for advertising purposes, so in case you are looking from this perspective, you need to be careful.


8. Stocksnap

Stocksnap is famous for its hd resolution images and its high definition wallpapers that are regularly updated on their site. Stocksnap has grounded its reputation for providing the best of the best quality images. All of the images are secured under the zero license, so you can use them freely for any purpose you want. Stocksnap offers you the best selection of photos from the best photographers.


9. Freeimages

For people who work for web projects, the ideal place to explore stock images that are free is Freeimages. This source offers you multiple categories to browse for the best pictures. The categories help you in saving a lot of time as you can easily just search for the desired type. Freeimages offers you a range of hd wallpapers and stock images which are free to use, edit, copy, advertise etc.


10. Newimaz

Newimaz is one of the latest free stock image source that has made its way through people’s choice. Newimaz offers you a wide range of hd images and wallpapers, all that are categorized for easy browsing. This source is also updated regularly every once in a while, and the collection is pretty impressive in terms of quality and quantity. These are free to use so no worries about any copyrights!