Couponupto is an emerging online coupon platform in terms of coupon accuracy, coupon richness and the number of stores. We have been updating and developing more and more to improve user experience and increase sales for our partners.

These days, whether we are shopping online or in-store, we all use coupon websites to save money as much as possible because no one prefers paying full price. Studies have shown that around 96% of shoppers report having used coupons on a purchase. Thanks to free coupon websites, we now have even more options for saving money on products you already buy.

However, things are not just as simple as that. All too often, our quest for a working promo code ends up disappointing you with “invalid or expired” codes. It seems like searching for working promo codes is such a frustrating and time-consuming experience. That’s not what Couponupto tend to provide our customers. Our team has always been trying our best to solve the problem of expired and invalid coupon codes. Our mission is to help our users get the most of the coupon codes and deals we have to offer as well as making customers enjoy their shopping experience to the full.

In order to commit to that mission, these are the strategies we stick to that make Couponupto a unique coupon site.


Popular Brand Pages Revision

Couponupto has achieved a revision for more than one thousand top popular brand pages which undertake the mainstream of traffic. Most of these brands offer many coupons at the same time for different products and events, which may lead to confusion for visitors.

Under these circumstances, Couponupto made targeted improvements. Firstly, a great number of coupons have been double verified manually as most visitors are hunting for valid coupons from these mass-market brands time by time. Secondly, the newly added filter function allows users to find their target coupons faster and easier. On the right side of the page, users are able to select different types of coupons and discount to exclude those not required.


Sitemap Cleaning

Couponupto executed a massive sitemaps cleaning. A report named Site Map Usability from Nielsen Norman Group pointed out that “The site map’s goal is to give users a single overview of the information space. If users have to work to reveal different parts of the map, they lose that benefit.”

For the purpose of improving user experience and coupon quality, Couponupto managed to wipe off more than 50 thousand pages from sitemaps during the past four months. Most of the removed brands share the same features that content haven’t been updated in the past two years with very few visits, which suggests these pages can no longer bring satisfying user experience. These offers from small stores which rise and fall quickly and frequently. After the cleaning, the overall quality of Couponupto website achieved a significant promotion.


Improvement Based on User Feedback

The Couponupto team collects feedback and problems from users and put effort into solving them. There was a user once sent an email asking help for applying coupons saying “How can I activate JungleScout coupons please?”. The team realized that some users don’t know how to apply coupons as a matter of fact. In this case, a column has been added to the pages to introduce the basic process of using a coupon with concise but understandable words. The instructions in the column can help most users with their uncertainty, and the support team has recorded an obvious decline in the number of emails seeking help after the detailed introduction went online.

Couponupto also observed increasing site search as developing. For the purpose of improving user search efficiency and experience, Couponupto has strived to optimize in-site search. Prediction is one of the future developing directions of artificial intelligence, and correlation analysis is the core of prediction ability. To provide better search service, Couponupto specifically strengthen automatic association feature which takes the key position of accelerating search function.


Considering users’ input habits, Couponupto has upgraded its algorithm to automatically recognize users’ intention when space, “the”-articles, a hyphen, plurality, and suffixes are missing. In addition, a typo can be recognized and corrected after characters comparison. Many visitors search with queries like “brand name + coupons/codes” since they used to search for coupons in Google in the old days, and Couponupto’ intelligent algorithm matches these queries and direct users to corresponding pages. Sometimes users remember the wrong brand, the algorithm of Couponupto sends them to the closest search results while many other coupon platforms show no results which may disappoint users.


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