Are you thinking about how you can obtain proof of travel? It might be a frustrating, but it is a useful thing. When you are traveling to another country, you will be asked to provide proof of onward travel. This to make sure you will be leaving their country before your visa expires.

There are numerous ways to get proof of onward travel. However, not all of the ways are secure and legitimate. In this post, we have listed most commons ways to provide onward travel proof.

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Book a Refundable Flight

It is the best and safest way to provide proof of onward travel. There are some companies offering 24 hours free cancellation policy. This is a great way to enter the country and save your money. Since you will not be getting on the flight, you will get your money back.

When you are buying an onward ticket, you must make sure the flight is booked within the expiry of your visa. For instance, your visa will expire within 30 days. If you book a flight on your 31st day, then it will be invalid.

If you book a flight through credit card, mostly, the flight is canceled before the charges come through.


Rent a Ticket

Another great way to provide proof of onward travel is by renting a ticket. Many companies offer the services of renting a ticket. These companies can book an onward ticket for a small fee. A great thing about this is that it will be legal, and you will not have to pay the full price of the ticket.

Additionally, by renting a ticket you will be able to save your time and you will not have to fill lengthy and complex forms of the airlines. Another wonderful thing about this option is that you will just have to provide your full name to the company.

Are you wondering how this works? The company will book a ticket on the day of your flight. Then, they will send the confirmation email that you can show at the airport. The ticket will be canceled after 24 hours. by that time, you will safely be in the country.

Some companies can even extend the cancellation up to 48 hours. As not all the companies can be trusted, you must read the reviews and check the reliability and legitimacy of the company. This will save you from getting into trouble.


Buying Ticket for the Cheapest Flight

If you can’t rent a ticket or book refundable ticket, you can buy the cheapest flight you can find. Though this will cost you more than the above-mentioned options, it will get you safely into the country. It is better than losing your money at the last minute. Since it is a legal way to provide proof of onward travel, you can have peace of mind that you are not doing anything illegal.

All in all, these are some of the ways that will help you stay in the country before your visa expires.