Top Women-Owned Law Firms Invest Heavily In Attorney SEO

More and more women are becoming the owners of their own law firm, and putting their own rules down. Some leave the high-powered law firms they worked for in order to better manage family/social life with their work life. Others leave and create their own law firm in pursuit of more gender equality, especially for minority women, in the field.


Proof of this is that the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council reported that 16% of newly law firms in the recent five-year period are women-owned. Female lawyers are considered a classic example where women outperform men academically, yet face quite a few challenges in the working world, thus they begin to direct their efforts into women-owned law firms. By their 30’s, most female lawyers will have to face such choice.


Law is one of the most demanding careers around. And once you own your own law firm it also becomes a business. It’s no secret that the internet metaphorically owns all businesses. Chance of making yourself known, improving your business, gaining more clients and customers, communicating with them, and knowing what they want, are nearly zero without the use of the internet and without employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  If you are not able to rank well, and attract the right audience, you can lose a lot of valuable potential customers. The use of SEO can help your firm avoid that and here’s how:


Targeted location:

As a consumer yourself, you know how you search for things, whether it’s a service to use or an item to purchase. You also know the importance of finding a near me location. People searching for lawyers are usually planning to take up an action, which is why they’re looking for a lawyer near them. SEO puts you and your firm in front of searchers, who otherwise would not be able to reach you.



Having a targeted location will help you carve out your niche, but the competition is still far from over, especially if your office is in a densely populated area. You need to make clear to consumers what your area of practice is. People searching for lawyers are particular. Being a female lawyer, you should know that many clients will make a conscious decision to hire a lawyer based on gender, and believe women would bring in more credibility to the courtroom, especially in cases of divorce and custody which is one reason why SEO for lawyers would be so important for your firm and career. You want to rank high, because only about 5% of searches goes into the second page of a search engine.


High intent keywords:

The closer a consumer is to hiring a lawyer, the deeper they are in using high intent keywords, which are the particular words used when nearing the end of a purchasing cycle. Here, they are actively looking for a lawyer to reach out too soon. For this to happen, the content of your page(s) must be laid-out well and readable with clear headings and subheadings, not to mention all the relevant content written in it. It is not just your landing page that needs SEO, but other pages also need to be optimized.


SEO for conversion

The ultimate goal of SEO is to convert traffic coming to your page from potential clients. Traffic to your page doesn’t mean much if you can’t make clients out of some of them. SEO helps the right people reach you, and the right people are those searching for a service like yours. To do this is very time-consuming and more complicated than what has been mentioned. As a female lawyer, you do what you do best and let the SEO experts do what they do best for you.