Do you feel dissatisfied with your life?

Do you feel that your responsibilities are meaningless?

If you do, it’s time to re-evaluate your lifestyle. Because there’s a lot you might need to change…

This could be your career path, a relationship you’re in, a worldview you hold, or even your circle of friends.


Self-discovery is rarely an easy task.

Re-evaluating your lifestyle is an act of self-discovery. Because you’re shedding away old attachments, and building a new life routine…

So you need something that makes the task easier.

Why Not Try adventure travel?

Travelling is a way of self-discovery. And it’s one that has become popular, with the movie “Eat, Pray, Love.”

This movie describes a situation that many are in today.

It’s about a woman who feels stuck with a lifestyle that seemed meaningless to her. She had everything, from a successful career, to a beautiful home and family…

But that sense of meaningless eventually lead to a divorce, and a long quest of re-evaluating her life.

And how did she do that? She did it through travelling, trying new experiences, and pushing out of her comfort zone.

How Travelling Helps With Self Discovery.

If you’re re-evaluating your lifestyle, you need perspective.

You need new experiences to compare to your old ones. You need new places, new people, and a new environment…

You need to put yourself in the unknown.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should put yourself in danger. You don’t have to make your travel a risky adventure into a remote territory…

But you need to go places that are unfamiliar to you. And specifically, you must get away from urban environments as much as possible…

Self-Discovery and Nature.

Exploring nature is a big part of self-discovery.

It’s not something many people do. But it’s a necessity, since it connects you back to something simpler and less mired up in responsibilities.

A travel to nature gives you peace and quietness. There’s a stillness around you that lets you think deeply about your life…

You can do everything, from writing, to meditating in such an environment.


That’s another thing you get when travelling for self-discovery.

Let’s go back again to the protagonist of “Eat, Pray, Love.” She had everything that society told her she should have…

She had a successful career in New York, with a home and family.

So her suffering was mostly spiritual. It wasn’t materialistic. She didn’t know how most people live in the world, deprived of first world career and educational opportunities.

When you travel for self-discovery, you develop gratitude. You appreciate what you had back home as you see the lifestyles of those less fortunate.

Spirituality and Cultural Roots.

Most people today lack a strong tie to their cultural roots. And you might be one of those people.

You might be so caught up in the hassle of daily life, not knowing where it fits in the grand scheme of life.

Part of travelling for self-discovery means asking spiritual questions. You can explore the life meaning of other cultures.

You can explore different world religions and belief systems.

And you can adopt what makes sense most for your soul, giving you a sense of inner calmness.

So What Do I Need to Start?

You need a location.

We don’t recommend random travels throughout the world. Because that’s not how self-discovery goes.

You need to structure your travels. You need to plan where your retreat into your inner world shall be.

And for that, we recommend…

Galapagos or Barbados.

Barbados is a Caribbean island nation, with everything you need to discover yourself.

It has everything that we previously mentioned. It’s filled with nature, it has strong cultural roots, and it’s slightly less urbanized than your lifestyle back home.

American Airlines has recognized Barbados as a leading destination for the travelers looking for heath, wellness and soft adventure.  It goes way back when the island was a magnet for people wanting to recover; bath in the nourishing sea-salt waters and breath pure clean air. George Washington brought his brother to Barbados to help him recover.  So it is no surprise that American Airlines recently announced more flights to the island. Starting in Decemeber 2018 the company will have daily flights from Charlotte and 3 flights daily from Miami.  See details about this and why Barbados is a top Caribbean Destination with America – Click Here for Info.


2019 is the Year of Wellness and Soft Adventure for Barbados. It’s featuring spa retreats and its self improvement and spiritual getaways. Many hotels offer these retreats and there are centers throughout the island and even on the beach. These include yoga sessions, masseuse, light hikes, bike tours, water sports, horse riding on the beach, catamaran cruises, and many more awe-inspiring activities. All are opportunities to mix and mingle with locals and tourists and the delightful Bajan people who have a history of actualization and achievement despite the odds.

More Information About Barbados

Today’s Barbados speaks the history of the Caribbean well.

It has preserved so much of its culture throughout the centuries, elegantly combining it with urbanity.

You see this in the country’s festive nature, and its love of art, self-expression and self-development. Pottery is something that’s been in the Caribbean long before European settlers. And to this day, it’s still prized as an art form and a major decorative niche.

It’s an example of spirited living. By visiting Barbados, you discover the essence of a magical Caribbean island!

The Nation’s Strong Sense of Constructiveness.

As a nation, Barbados has much cultural baggage.

The island was mainly populated by slaves in the 19th century. And when slavery ended, they struggled to get back on their feet as independent citizens.

Over time, this would change.

Today, Barbados is one of the world’s highly developed countries. Its life standard is high.

Not to mention, at least 20% of the government’s expenditures are on education.

This is a country that highly prioritizes the intellect of its citizens. And its history is of overcoming struggles and creating prosperity.

It’s an inspirational history, one that will fuel your self-discovery journey.

Start Your Journey Now.

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