When it comes to setting up a professional movie theatre experience in your home, a projector is the best choice. They can provide a big screen experience at a lower cost than purchasing a television, ensuring you are immersed in the film.  For this reason, many people feel that projector screens provide the ultimate movie-viewing experience.  This article will guide you through some common considerations when purchasing a projector, to help you choose the perfect projector screen for your needs.

The portability of the projector is an important consideration. Having a portable projector means that you can use it in more situations. For example, having an outdoor movie night or taking it on a camping trip. This versality, however, does have some downsides. Fixed projectors can be more powerful and have a clearer image. Additionally, having a fixed projector will enable you to customise the settings to optimise it for its environment. This means giving you the best possible home viewing experience. Because they won’t be exposed to the elements, fixed projectors will acquire less dust. Dust in projectors can cause colour decay and loss of brightness, which may shorten the lifespan of the projector. So, while portable projectors are more versatile and may be cheaper, if you want to recreate the movie theatre experience at home, it is best to choose a fixed projector.

You should also take note of the technical aspects associated with the projector you are considering. One of the most important technical considerations is the brightness of the projector. The brightness you require depends on the amount of light in the room when you want to use the projector. If, for example, your living room only has light curtains that don’t block out much sunlight then you will probably need a projector with a brightness of over 3,000 lumens. You should also investigate the resolution of the projector. High resolution projectors (at least 1920 by 1080 pixels) are best for your living room, as HD movies and television shows will look best. It should be noted that you are able to buy 4K projectors, if you want the ultimate home cinema experience. You should also consider the contrast ratio when purchasing a projector. The contrast ratio is the difference between darkness and brightness within the projected image. Projectors that display a higher contrast ratio will generally produce better quality images. Furthermore, you should take note of how long the bulb will last. Replacement bulbs and maintenance on your projector can be quite expensive, so to avoid these costs aim to buy a projector with a long-lasting bulb. Finally, you should take note of the frame rate offered by your projector. Frame rate is the speed at which projectors can display images. Ideally, you want a projector with a fast frame rate, as a slow rate will be painfully obvious when viewed on a large screen.

A third important thing to consider is where the projector will be located. Depending on the size of the room, and how you want it mounted, you might want a short throw or an ultra short throw projector. Short throw projectors can be mounted either on the roof, or on a table. Then they project across the room onto the screen. Alternatively, ultra short throw projectors are usually mounted very close to the screen, usually zero to four feet away. The best ultra short throw projector has a few benefits over a short throw projector. Firstly, people can walk around the room without interrupting the projection. Secondly, you can achieve brighter images with lower lumens. Finally, these types of projectors are very affordable, you can get the best ultra short throw projector for under $3,000. For these reasons it is recommended that you purchase an ultra short throw projector if you want a fixed projector.

This article has provided some helpful tips and given you plenty of things to consider when purchasing a projector for your living room. Armed with this information you should be able to choose the best projector to suit your needs. So, whether it’s the best ultra short throw projector or the best portable projector, you can be sure to enjoy the benefits that this technology has to offer.