Lack Of Exercise: Using A Treadmill For Your Dog

Pet exercise and obesity have become overlooked issues in today’s society. Using a treadmill for your dog can help with many behavioral problems, as well as obesity. It is often said that ‘A tired dog is good dog.’ You may Love to read more about best breath freshener for dogs on exqeo.

Most dog breeds (including the Siberian Husky) were bred to work long hours every single day. This might involve running over hills herding sheep (think Border Collie or Australian Shepherd), swim long distances in cold water (think Labrador Retriever). The Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky were bred to pull heavy freight in extremely cold weather.

The one thing that all of these dogs have in common is that they weren’t bred to sit all day and stare at the wall! They also weren’t bred to simply go outside for an hour at a time and then come inside to a climate controlled environment. Dogs gain happiness and contentment by getting their endorphins going and exercising, the same as people.

This makes them happy and keeps them from being destructive. Being that we all hectic lives where we can’t exercise our dogs for extremely long periods, the dog treadmill can supplement that nicely. I would recommend the Big R Dog Treadmill (, because it is kept with the urban person in mind. It is there for It is the first and only dog treadmill on the market that is thin enough to be stored under a bed. 

Does this product make you lazy? Of course not. It should never be used to replace traditional exercise, just to supplement it. It should be used in addition to the time that you currently have to take your dog outside. Do you not have to take your dog outside anymore? That is an obvious no. You should still take your dog out both before and after you place him/her on the treadmill.

There should be no skipping or excuses on this one! Can you leave them alone while on the treadmill? That is also a a no! You should never leave the dog alone on the treadmill, ever!

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