Buying a used car comes with its fair share of risks. Despite the costs that you save on second-hand cars, there is always the risk of purchasing a used vehicle with the need for repairs, financial obligations and more. Here are some important safety checks that you should do while buying a vehicle from a private seller.



Check whether the pressure is equal in both tires, and at suitable levels. Riding a used car with tires unevenly or excessively worn can be unsafe when the weather conditions are severe. Thus, you need to check the wear condition of the tires.


Car components

Check the fluid levels and ensure that there are no fluid leaks anywhere. Make sure that the suspension is sound structurally, without any missing, fractured or bent parts. Check the belts and make sure that they are functional, well placed and flexible. The engine coolant hoses should be free of leaks and secure. Look at the car battery and determine whether the old battery or dirty connections requires to be replaced. Before purchase, also make sure that the windshield wipers are not worn or cracked. You need proper visibility at night and during rains or in harsh climatic conditions.


Make the PPSR Search

You need to conduct a PPSR search and make a comprehensive check of the vehicle history. You can get a lot of important and necessary details about your vehicle from a car history report and a Personal Property Security Register certificate. During a PPSR search, you are supposed to enter the VIN no. of your vehicle into the search box of PPSR and pay a small charge to acquire the Personal Property Security Register certificate and car history report for your vehicle. You can find out whether there are any stolen vehicle reports, outstanding debt or accident history report against your car.


Make a Revs (Register of Encumbered Vehicles) Check

Register of Encumbered Vehicles or REVS happens to be a non-profit organization based in Australia, using register of encumbered vehicles in Australia you can find out reliably whether or not your car carries a debt. Even when you are buying from a licensed and trusted dealer, such type of check can help you to ensure whether or not you are buying a car minus financial liabilities.


Insist on a Car History Report

By checking vehicle history report, you can get important information related to the present market value of your vehicle, the emission and odometer ratings of the same, whether or not it has been involved in any accident at some point or other. It can also help you to get information on whether your vehicle is a stolen one, whether it has been badly damaged at some point and if major repairs have been carried out on it.

Based on these important things, you can take a decision on whether or not it is safe to buy the car that you have zeroed in on. As a consumer, it is important that you focus on encumbrance-free vehicles.