Originally founded in 2008, Trustly is one of the fastest growing online payment methods available as of 2020. Currently, this payment provider is processing more than one million transfers at any given month.

As of now it is mainly used in online shopping and gambling in Europe. Trustly operates in 29 different countries including the United Kingdom, but it is mainly used in the northern European countries such as Finland and Sweden.


Why people want to use Trustly?

What is the reason behind Trustlys success in recent years? The biggest reason why people want to use Trustly while paying for services online is the ability to log in with your online bank account. It is usually the only method widely available for customers to use. Once they have used it at one site it is really likely, that the same customers prefer to use it elsewhere.

It is also totally free for customers to use. Because the fees are pushed for the payment receiver instead of the payee, it makes Trustly really attracting option for customers that are keen to keep their costs of paying low. Other payment providers such as Paypall might charge the customer a small fee for each payment.


What experiences do people have about Trustly

When it comes down to personal experiences we wanted to hear what others have to say about Trustly. We saw few great examples about its usage for customers paying online.

‘’Trustly makes all of the payments incredibly fast. It has also been performing really well for our readers that decided to select Nitro Casino as their go-to site for gambling. We believe that Trustly will be the biggest payment provider online for years to come, especially in Finland.’’


Toni, Pika-kasinot.com

We also saw few reviews and Trustpilot.com about Trustly:

 ‘’Trustly is great a truly smooth way of paying directly from your bank account! With money you actually have! Not forcing me into an invoice solution.’’

Johan, a reviewer that commented on Trustly’s thread at Trustpilot

Even tough most of the reviews are positive, another customer didn’t have such pleasant experience with the provider. He said that:‘’You will regret it, and they will not improve and enjoy and rake profits over all the funds they “erroneously” keep every time a transaction fails, and let’s be clear this will happen 1 out of 5 transactions.’’

This can be easily explained with poor internet connection. If customers internet connection disconnects during the transaction it is possible, that the transaction will get cancelled. Luckily the money will be returned to the customers account automatically without any needs of contacting the customer support.


Is Trustly safe to use?

When it comes down to safety, Trustly is one of the most trusted payment providers online. Currently, Trustly is being supervised and licensed to operate by Swedish Financial Supervisory. All of the transactions are encrypted. This means that any 3rd party user is not able to see any data from the payments.

Being secure and reliable option to pay online is a huge factor for people that favor Trustly over its competitors.