When it is time to purchase a new garage door you may not know where to start. Whether your home is a new build or an old classic that needs an update, you may wish to begin by looking at different garage door brands.

Amarr has a long history of quality garage doors

Amarr garage doors can be found all over North America. The company produces aluminum, steel and wood garage doors for residential homes. They continually update styles so that they can have the most modern designs, though they don’t abandon the classics either. Homeowners can choose the ultra-contemporary models to give their home an entirely new look and feel or they can choose traditional or carriage style in multiple forms. Amarr allows you to build custom garage doors that are entirely unique. Do you want a blue, aluminum garage door with third-row windows? Amarr can make that happen with ease. Amarr also manufactures commercial models.

Wayne-Dalton offers high quality and style

Your garage door can set the tone for your entire home. Because the door takes up so much space, you should make sure it reflects your style. Wayne-Dalton takes this idea seriously by offering beautiful doors that are functional and long-lasting. How long-lasting? The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on most products. Along with the classic aluminum, steel and wood doors, Wayne-Dalton allows you to choose specialty vinyl or designer fiberglass for the perfect addition to your home. You can give your garage door the appearance of molded wood with the benefits of fiberglass. The company also offers a range of colors that is so wide you are virtually guaranteed to find a perfect match to your home’s existing trim.

Luxurious property located in Le Fontainebleau, Blainville neighbourhood, a rich suburb of Montreal on a sunny day of summer.

Clopay puts durability first

If you need garage door maintenance there are many options. If you need garage door replacement that will lead to as little maintenance as possible, consider Clopay. The company prides itself on offering reliable, durable garage doors that are built to order. A Clopay garage door will be the perfect fit regardless of your home’s style or size. Clopay also offers garage doors in an array of price ranges. You don’t have to choose between a high-end garage door or none at all. Clopay garage doors can keep functionality and style high while keeping the price low.

There are many other options

If you seek garage door maintenance, installers can tell you if your garage door is beyond repair or if it is time to find a replacement. The garage door brand is only one small factor to consider when choosing your new garage door. Most experts agree that the garage door is only as good as the install. Make sure you work with an installer you can trust. They should also have experience working with these top brands and others. The installer will help you pick out the right style to match your preferences and your home. They will help you to consider important factors like insulation, garage door hardware, and the warranty. If needed, they will install a new garage door opener as well. What is most important is that you do not attempt to choose a new garage door on your own. An expert will make sure you get what you want at the price you need.