Types of air conditioning system and how to choose the right one for yourself.

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Are you looking for an air conditioning system to implant in your residence? Are you confused about the appropriate system to pick up as your home conditioning system? Then this article is what you are looking for.

Different companies like heat pumps Hamilton take care of your aircons. Yet it depends solely on you to pick just the right aircon for your home or office.

For this you need to know the types of different conditioning systems.


Different types of air conditioning system:

There are a variety of air conditioning systems and you have to pick just the right one. For that, the most important factor is the area of the place. Following are some major types of air conditioning systems.


Window air conditioner:

Window air conditioner is probably the oldest type of air conditioner. It contains most basic components like a thermostat along with a compressor, two coils, a fan and enclosed refrigerant material.

It works basically when it gets triggered by the rising temperature outside. Temperature triggers the thermostat and the fan starts to work right away.

These AC’s are ideal for a smaller cooling area like a room. It can bear the working load of 5 tons normally.

These aircons are affordable and efficient however dripping water can be a problem.


Split air conditioner:

It is more manageable than a window air conditioner and the water doesn’t drip off as the aircon is split into two parts, indoor unit and outdoor unit.

Inside unit cools down the room while the outside unit does the back work for releasing the heat outside in the air.

These ACs are ideal for faster cooling of a room or two.These can cover larger areas than those window ACs.These ACs cost you more than that of window ACs. The working load that it can bear is close to a window air conditioner.

The major drawback is that enough space is needed for the outdoor unit to install or it may get clogged due to dirt easily.


Packaged air conditioning system:

It is a wise decision to use a packaged air conditioner for a small house. The reason behind this is that the workload of packaged air conditioning is between 10 to 15 tons.


The major components of packaged air conditioners are cassetted in a box.

These are more expensive than those of window and split air conditioner.

It contains refrigerant material in tubes which is an essential element to cool down the air. The air is pulled in by a fan and cooled down which is supplied back through ducts to different places of the house. The heat is then released outside of the house.

Major drawback of packaged air conditioners is that they are sensitive to rust in harsh rainy weather.


Central air conditioning system:

This is a complete system that requires cooling chillers, cooling systems, ducts etc.

You need to have a larger space to install such a system in a house or building. It is expensive out of all the air conditioners.

In this system the air is pulled in by fans and cooled down at a central point and then distributed to different places of home. The heat is then released through ductwork.

It can bear a workload of 20 tons.

A lot of space is needed to install it.


How to pick the right one:

There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind while buying an aircon system.

First the area of the building that needs to be cooled down. Keep your economic condition in mind to pick the right aircon system.


Final verdict:

After reading this article you can easily determine the type of AC you need to pick up. Aircon is a must in summer yet you should go with a system that fulfils your needs in an economic way.