Types of Ceiling Tiles

Once you have gone over the layout, the next thing you need to do is work on the ceiling. A lot of the time, people end up covering a gorgeous room in popcorn ceiling. Although a popcorn ceiling serves a purpose, it is not the best option. Instead, you should give ceiling tiles a try. This post looks at the different types of ceiling tiles so that you can decide which ones to get. To give your room a new look, you cannot afford to overlook the ceiling. It is a great idea to tie the ceiling. Besides, there are plenty of materials to choose from. The four main types of ceiling tiles are mentioned below.

  1. Acoustical Tiles

Acoustical tiles are commonly used for soundproofing a room. Since they are made of a material that adds thermal insulation, they are a great option when it comes to insulating a room. Typically made of fibreglass, acoustical tiles are installed using a drop ceiling technique. It is important that you hire a professional to install these Ceiling Tiles. It will help ensure that you benefit from the insulating and soundproofing properties of acoustical tiles.

  1. Plastic Tiles

Unlike the majority of traditional options, plastic ceiling tiles are both lightweight and affordable. They are available in a variety of patterns. Hence, they are an appropriate option for just about every room. Moreover, they are also suitable for achieving a geometric look. A great thing about plastic ceiling tiles is that they are extremely easy to install. Even if you have never installed them in the past, you can still give it a try.

  1. Tin Tiles

Although you might be thinking that tin tiles are made of tin, they are actually made of different materials such as aluminium, brass, and copper. Similar to plastic tiles, they are available in various patterns including vines and flowers. To install tin tiles, you will need to follow the drop-in method. You could also nail them to the ceiling. Make sure to overlay the edges of every tile. If you end up dinging a tile during the installation, you can easily fix it.

  1. Cork Tiles

Cork tiles are an ideal option for those of you who want to reduce their carbon footprint. They are eco-friendly, water-resistant, and fire-resistant. Besides, cork is known for its ability to absorb sound. Cork tiles are versatile and available in different styles. They can be put up using adhesives or dropped in. Cork ceiling tiles can even be overlapped during the installation. Even though you could try to install the cork tiles on your own, it is best to hire a trusted professional for the best result.



Once you have gone over this post, you will have an idea of which type of ceiling tiles to get for your home. There are several options to choose from. To decide which ceiling tiles to get, you should focus on your goals and the look you plan to achieve.