“It’s beer o’clock!” 

Beer – a drink with quite a reputable social and environmental impact, these days appears to have innumerable lovers. Since it such a people-favorite, it has given rise to concepts like Happy Hour, where after a long and stressful day, locals get to enjoy a drink or two (maybe even a six-pack) at reduced prices in bars and other legally licensed establishments.

Most people either don’t like beer, or would kill for a six-pack – there just is no in between. These “beer-lovers” are also sometimes called beer snobs, beer fans, etc. Their love and affection for this alcoholic beverage knows no bounds. For friends and family of those who love it to an extreme, here is a comprehensive list of gifts you can buy for your little beer-lovers:

    • A Classic Bottle Opener
      How can the party start unless you pop the lid off that bottle? There are way too many cool kinds of bottle openers available as gifts for beer spawns, including wall mounted bottle openers, church-keys, bar blades, etc. With more than 55 styles available, including speed openers which are used especially by first class professional bartenders, you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that fits your beer lover’s taste. Get a multi-opener (can be used for opening all beverages) or throw in a personalized one and maybe you’ll have yourself a friend who loves you as much as they love their beer. If you’ve made up your mind, check out MerchCrafters for cool bottle openers.


    • Beeropoly
      Just like monopoly, this hopped up drinking game has proven to be the life of the party, wherever it is played. Perfect to get the fun going, or just to get the weekend started the “right way”, Beeropoly lets players to gulp their way through a series of drinking beer challenges such as doing a handstand for a minute straight or dancing or singing karaoke, etc. Players are required to roll the dice and guide their bottle caps around the pinewood board. Failure to do the challenges results in elimination and the survivor gets to drink from the Community Cup!


    • Coaster Sets
      Everyone deserves to have a drink without having to worry about the container leaving stains on their exquisite furniture. There is a massive variety of drink coasters available in the market: from wooden to concrete to stone, agate to sandstone, conservative to flashy, slate to marble, gold to silver and copper or any other metal. They are available in all shapes and sizes, from animal and plant shaped, to classy minimalistic squares and circles. Whether your beer lover prefers dark colors or pastels or neon, we are sure you can find something that tickles their fancy with the enormous range of drink coasters available everywhere.


    • Shower Beer Holder
      We know how this sounds. A person can’t even stop drinking long enough to take a shower? It sounds extreme, but we know as well as you that your beer lover friend is going to absolutely love this exceptional gift. How can one say no to chugging a can of beer whilst taking a soothing shower? Tons of people enjoy snacking in the bathroom – it adds more meaning to their “me-time.” These beer holders are available in innovative silicone designs that stick to any glossy tile and hold your beer while you take your sweet time getting dressed for a night out with pals. They’re definitely an upgrade from trying to balance your beer on the slope somewhere and risking its fall.


    • Home Brew Journal
      If your friend loves beer as much as we think they do, chances are they have at least once gotten inspired and tried to brew their own beer at home – just for the sake of having fun and maybe a little experimentation. The devil is in the details. Get your beer enthusiast friend a beautiful home brew journal bound in warm leather to track their recipes, fermentation statistics, and results in style this year. These handsome journals comprise of engaging infographics, handy tables and systematically structured log pages to take care of and manage your biochemical quest.


    • Beer-Infused Sauces
      While we are aware of the joy drinking brings to a beer fan, we also have to keep in mind of the risks that come with the consumption of too much alcohol. There are just way too many damages caused by excessive drinking such as alcohol poisoning and liver failure. Therefore, while we are not advising beer lovers to quit drinking, we’re telling you to buy your friend beer-infused sauces, specifically the set of three sauces – Thai Style Sriracha, Honey Mustard, and Sweet & Smokey, from Ohio. We can assure you your pal will say a prayer for you every time he cooks with these incredible sauces.


    • Beer Tasting Sets
      What could a beer enthusiast love more than beer? We know you think the answer is nothing, but the answer is actually beer tasting sets! Of course, they would love to just tit there and sip their beer through expensive, exquisite sets of glasses. But most of these sets do not come with just drinking glasses. Depending on the number of pieces in the set, beer tasting sets mostly include mini wheat beer, tulip, porter, nonic, stange, stout, pilsner tasting glasses, a beer tasting guide, wooden paddles, pilsner glasses, stainless steel cork-backed drink coasters, etc. All these different styles of glasses are important for special purposes while drinking.


    • Beer Apparel
      Wear your beer! We’ve all heard this saying and are excited to reveal that apparel that expresses love for beer comes on number 1 in the list of best gifts for drinkers. There are so many options available in the market. The weather’s getting colder – get your pal a beanie that says “Beer Me!” or a sweatshirt with beer can illustrations or shoes with small bottles drawn on the side, etc. or a T-shirt that reads, “Sometimes you need yoga, sometimes you need beer, sometimes you need both.


    • Beer Socks
      Another thing that may come under apparel gifts for beer drinkers, but are important enough to deserve an honorable mention of their own. These socks come in an endless variety of colors, sizes and patterns. Some have cute illustrations of beer cans and beer bottles printed onto the material of the sock. Some have cute and witty comments about beer printed. Either way, these are a one of a kind gift.


    • The Burton Double Beeracuda
      The only thing that’s more fun to carry around than a cooler or a backpack is the Burton Double Beeracuda – an insulated beverage sling that is designed to take beers on the go with you. The original version of the Beeracuda can hold a total of six 12-ounce cans – five in the sling and one in the attached koozie. But for the real partygoers the Burton Double Beeracuda can offer twice the capacity of the original Burton Beeracudae. 11 12-ounce cans in the insulated sling, and one in the shoulder strap holder. Available in cool styles and colors, this is one of the best gifts for a beer lover.


    • A Storage Device for Beer
      What could be better for someone who loves beer more than life itself, than a freezer or a cooler meant just for storage of his or her favorite thing in the world? Who does not enjoy a chilled alcoholic beverage every now and then? Imagine you have had the longest and the worst day of your life; your boss has fired you, your spouse has asked for a divorce, and you just want to drink your misery away. You grab a can of beer and it’s not even chilled? That would just make you even miserable. This year, get your pal a portable fridge they can carry everywhere with them – to vacationing sites, to camping sites, , and watch them be grateful for the rest of their life for a gift that is literally, so cool!


    • Bottleloft
      Another unique name in the list of unconventional gifts for beer lovers. The Bottleloft from North Carolina consists of clever fridge storage strips used to secure your six pack of your favorite beverage to the ceiling of your fridge, which keeps them handy and rooted to one place unless they are needed, and this results in freeing up of space for other food that needs to be kept in the fridge but you just did not have space for them because you love your beer too damn much. With the Bottleloft, your bottles get to hang out in a chilled loft which will make the other beverages in the fridge green with envy (not literally, don’t worry). The strips consist of three extremely strong neodymium magnets, which help your bottles stay rooted to the ceiling.



We hope you’ve found your calling. This list consists of everything you need to make your beer pal happy this year. For more likely gifts, check out MerchCrafters, especially for cool bottle openers. They offer the best gifts for drinkers on the internet.