When To Use a Virtual Private Server?

Virtual private server is when a physical server is partitioned into separate and multiple virtual servers. With each virtual server, you have your own operating system and have control over the operating system and applications. While free VPS systems may take some to figure out and get used to, however it is quickly becoming the preferred choice for many web developers who want to be in control of the operating system.

Here are some instances when you may want to try out or switch to free VPS:

  • When You Surpass the Need to Use Shared Website Hosting Servers

If you run multiple high traffic websites, the storage and space offered on the shared hosting plan may seem very stingy and small. Dedicated hosting servers are powerful and expensive, however for people who just don’t have the budget for them, VPS hosting acts as a in-between option. It is not that expensive but it offers the flexibility which people need. With multiple high traffic websites, your bandwidth usage may be quite high. This means that you will require more resources than those which will be available for you. However with shared hosting plans, since you share everything, the amount of resources and space you have is quite limited and limits you from expanding. The amount of resources available to you can also be affected by the number of other websites running on the server.

With VPS hosting, you have a specified limit of bandwidth, storage and space which you can use without the need to worry about your resources being compromised by other servers. It is also very flexible in the way that if your website needs to grow, you can either use the space allocated to you or you can transfer the VPS to a physical server.

  • If You Want The Freedom to Run Specific Applications

With free cloud VPS, you can have the ability to control different applications. For example, setting permissions, creating accounts, deleting softwares, basically just customising. You will not have to worry about the maintenance and security of the physical server. VPS hosting is a great option for people who cannot afford the physical hardware for the server. With VPS, they get the same functions and characteristics as that of the physical hardware. As different VPS on the same physical server are separate from each other, even if one VPS is hacked into, the other VPS networks wont be affected. Whereas with shared hosting plans, there are more restrictions.

  • VPS Hosting

While VPS cannot compare itself with a physical server, it is still as good as one. You can create and test your website on it, you delete or install softwares, you have a specified limit of storage and processing power which is uninterrupted, it can be used as a backup and it is clearly very efficient and flexible. It is as good as a dedicated server and is quite cheap and affordable as well.

Choose to use VPS and run your website smoothly!

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