Videomarketing is one of the most important and widespread forms of marketing today. It is appreciated by companies that are using the Internet as one of the main channels of gaining new customers. Visual content now dominates over text and infographics. Clear evidence here is the ever-increasing statistics of users, daily visitors and video viewers on the world’s most popular video service, You Tube.


Why is videomarketing so useful and effective?

Internet brand advertising in video services fulfils the same superior function as all other forms of Internet marketing – it builds strong relations with customers, current and potential ones, and creates a positive image of the company in the perception. Marketing specialists are aware of the current trend of image and film dominance over text message and effectively use it in the brand development strategy. Such action has its source in the nature of these two different channels of information transfer – complicated content is often difficult to describe and thus to receive, it is definitely easier to show it, so that the recipient has less difficulty with its understanding and transmission. Moreover, a film, even a short one, is able to deliver more content in a shorter time, which saves a lot of time to the user.


What forms of videomarketing we can use

Depending on the character of your business, the strategy you have undertaken, the resources allocated for marketing and the number of specialists in this area, you can choose the right form of videomarketing for your brand. For example, you can start your adventure with online films with a short imagefilm, which will present the company’s offer, present the scope of its activities, show the people creating the brand, show the daily work “from the kitchen” and production process. This will bring the company closer to the customer, shorten the distance between them, create the image of the brand as the one that has nothing to hide from its customers and will inspire trust in them.

Other, especially recommended methods of videoproduction include product presentations, opinions of satisfied customers in the form of videos, instructional videos or interviews with people from the industry. Recently, company video blogs have been used quite extensively – it is a good medium of communication with the customer, providing even closer contact with him than the traditional form of a written blog.


It is just a beginning

But keep in mind that putting one film online is just the beginning of the work. If you want your marketing strategy to bring the expected result, videomarketing must be systematic. So, it is worth preparing an action plan and ideas for the next films in advance. It is also important to constantly interact with the audience, respond to their comments, as well as commenting on their opinions, taking part in discussions under the posted videos. Videomarketing is hard work, you have to have time for it, but conducted with your head and a good plan, it brings really measurable results.